You Could Keep Your House So Much Nicer If You Tried Any Of These 40 Clever Things

I often find myself looking at the stuff in my home and imagining how I could change absolutely everything about it to make my life a little better and my space a little nicer. Do I need a cuter way to organize my WFH space? Is there a way to hide the ugly cables all over my living room? What about my not-so-cute toilet brush? Luckily, Amazon has tons of items available to help me fulfill my home decorating dreams and keep my place in tip-top shape.

Thanks to Amazon’s extensive selection of decor and cleaning products, you’ll never run out of ideas when it comes to leveling up your house, apartment, condo — whatever you’re residing in these days. From basics like this broom and dustpan set and this set of versatile fabric bins, to more fun (yet still functional) decor items like this mirrored tray and these electric salt and pepper grinders, scrolling through Amazon will have you coming up with idea after idea on how to make small but powerful impacts all around your home.

But where to start? With so many pages of products to click through, it can feel overwhelming to find the best ones. This is why I felt it important to create a list of 40 of the best items on the market right now that’ll make your home so much nicer — check them out right here:

Make the absolute best use of limited closet space and floor space with this hanging closet organizer. This vertical organizer has nine different compartments, which can be used with or without the included bins, to store sweaters, pants, hats, socks, and other hard-to-put-away clothing items. Unlike other closet organizers, this one also has mesh pockets on the sides for intimates, cleaning supplies, or whatever else you can fit in.

Nothing’s more frustrating than seeing layers of dust on your ceiling fan and not being able to reach them with your dust rag. Luckily, this ceiling fan duster exists, and you can easily clean those hard-to-reach dust bunnies with the arm that extends from 27 to 47 inches. Get every nook and cranny of your ceiling fan clean with the microfiber head with an opening for each blade to get through.

If your area rugs can’t seem to keep their corners down, these V-shaped rug grippers are here to keep them in place. This four-pack of grippers work on any surface and won’t cause damage to your hardwood floors. These can be used on indoor and outdoor rugs of any size or thickness. Their 1/8-inch width also makes them super discreet — not bulky — under your rugs.

The quickest way to spruce up and illuminate your bathroom or kitchen? Install this sleek under-cabinet light. This wireless LED light works with a handy remote control, which can turn it on/off, put it on a timer, and change the brightness level. And with a 72-hour run time, this light bar will last way longer than its competitors.

This stainless steel toilet brush and holder is — dare I say it — ultra-chic and actually looks like decor in the corner of your bathroom. It comes in a trendy brushed bronze color that works in any bathroom and changes an unsightly necessity into something that you’re kind of proud to have next to the toilet.

This plant-based stainless steel cleaner keeps smudges, marks, streaks, and other residue off your stainless steel appliances with a pH-neutral formula. It leaves behind a polished finish, making your stove, fridge, and other items look as good as new. This kit even comes with a handy microfiber cleaning cloth, which can help get rid of dust and quickly dry any surface.

Don’t let your couches, chairs, and tables scuff up and scratch your hardwood floors. Instead, protect them with these felt core, anti-slip rubber pads, which grip to the bottoms of your furniture legs without the need for nails or glue. This pack comes with pre-scored pads, but they can easily be cut to fit the exact dimensions of your furniture.

Grime is no match for these power scrubber heads, which attach to your power drill easily for the most efficient clean you’ve ever seen. This three pack of brush heads and an extender give you some extra power and elbow grease when scrubbing spaces like your kitchen, bathroom, patio, or any other number of spaces. These drill attachments come in six different bristle types, which can scrub everything from greasy grills to delicate leather.

Your pencil cup doesn’t have to be boring — instead, make it the chicest accessory on your desk with this marble utensil holder, which can also be used to store makeup brushes on your vanity. Made from sturdy ceramic, this utensil holder will be the trustiest cup to keep your stuff in and act as the finishing touch for your desktop or vanity. It seems simple, but Amazon shoppers love this thing; it has over 5,000 reviews and a 4.8-star rating.

If you’re anything like me and hate the look of tons of chunky cords plugged into your outlet, you’ll be obsessed with this super sleek outlet cover and power strip. The outlet cover is slender and blends into your wall, and the extension cord is long enough to hide the power strip behind any piece of furniture or inside a bin, all while actually adding an outlet to your life.

When you have this mop-and-broom holder that mounts onto the wall, you’ll get to say goodbye to brooms that fall over every time you open up your closet. This holder can store up to 11 cleaning tools on its six hooks and five clamps, each of which can hold 7.5 pounds. Plus, everything you need to mount your holder is included, making assembly a breeze.

Get quick access to your most-used pantry essentials with this over-the-door pantry organizer. With five adjustable tiers of storage, this simple organizer will make it easy to store and grab your dry goods, spices, jars, and more, all while optimizing your pantry space. With over 7,000 five-star ratings, you know already that this storage option is the real deal.

Keep your TV and computer screens smudge- and dust-free with this cleaner spray that’s specifically designed for electronics. The spritz is gentle enough for sensitive glass screens, and the included microfiber towel also helps to get rid of grime in mere seconds. This cleaner also works on glass stovetops, eyeglasses, tablets, and cell phones.

Keep all of your important letters, papers, and files organized in the chicest tiered desktop tray ever. This tray comes in three aesthetically-pleasing colors and is made from strong metal wiring that is sure to keep all of your desktop materials secure — it even has a platform up top for non-paper office supplies or small decor items. Reviewers say you can even make it smaller by removing trays you don’t need in one easy step.

If you need a way to organize and display your perfumes, jewelry, or everyday cosmetics, this mirror tray is the way to do it. This elegant tray will look fabulous on your vanity, dresser, or bathroom counter, and has a skid-resistant underside that will keep it in place and keep the surface underneath intact. You’ll have an Instagram-worthy vanity in no time with this beloved tray, which has a 4.8-star rating on Amazon.

If you love to keep a can of your favorite seltzer at arm’s reach throughout the day, you’ll love these can organizer for your fridge. This organizer make it easy to access your go-to canned beverages without having to shove random items aside to grab your beverage or turn your fridge into an unorganized mess.

Free up counter space and keep your cutlery organized with this in-drawer knife block. Made of durable, water resistant, and eco-friendly bamboo, this knife block works in most drawers and with any kind of kitchen decor. Though it’s quite compact, this knife block can hold eight steak knives and six larger chef’s knives all at once.

Need a place to keep your kitchen sponge? Look no further than this no-fuss caddy, which hangs in your cabinet or on your backsplash with the included heavy-duty strips that won’t leave behind any damage. This caddy has a removable drip tray, too, which makes keeping this often-dirty object cleaner a breeze.

Every home can benefit from a few extra storage bins, and this six-pack of fabric bins are the best ones around. The subtle design of these bins make them a perfect addition to any space, and they can even fold down when not in use. Each square cube has convenient handles that make pulling them out to get what you need a seamless task, whether you keep these on a shelf or in the closet.

Storing pans can be one of the trickier tasks when it comes to kitchen organization — luckily this tiered pan organizer makes it simple. This organizer takes advantage of the vertical space in your larger kitchen cabinets, allowing you to store up to five pans comfortably and without them scratching up against each other. You can even flip it horizontally and fit four pans side-by-side.

If your closet is a mess of free hangers you’ve acquired over the years, it’s time to reorganize your space with these velvet hangers. In addition to looking rather chic, the grippy velvet keeps even the silkiest tops steadily in place on the hanger, which can hold up to 10 pounds. Despite their sturdiness, these hangers are extremely slim, so they don’t take up any more space than necessary.

Don’t let the collection of reusable water bottles in your home clutter up your countertops and cabinets — keep them all neat, tidy, and easily accessible with this bottle organizer. This organizer also takes advantage of the vertical space in your cabinets or refrigerator, and has a stackable design that you can mix and match any way you please. Choose from a pack of two or four when you order.

Replace the dusty old broom you probably have sitting in the back of your garage with this simple broom that comes with a matching dustpan. This set comes with everything you’re searching for in quality cleaning supplies, like an extendable broom handle, a rubber lip that doesn’t let any debris slip back onto the floor, and broom teeth that snag any left-behind debris from the broom bristles.

This key and mail holder is the perfect addition to any entryway — big or small — due to its compact yet useful structure that gives your junk mail and car keys an adorable home. It comes in this trendy gray color that will suit any home’s aesthetic, all while giving you a much-needed “drop” space for all those out-of-the-door knickknacks.

This automatic soap dispenser is powered by batteries and helps stop the spread of germs by detecting your hand from as far away as 2.75 inches. It allows you to change the amount of soap dispensed, so you’ll get the perfect amount of soap every time you go to rinse your hands. And with an extra-large 17-ounce capacity, you won’t have to stress about refilling it all of the time.

This luxe pillow will have you excited to go to bed every night and make you feel like you’re staying in a fancy hotel. Filled with gel fiber that makes it ultra plush, this pillow won’t get deformed over time, giving your head and neck the most comfortable feel every single night. Plus this stain-resistant, fade-resistant pillow is so durable, you can even run it through the washing machine to clean it.

If your under-sink cabinet has seen better days in terms of organization, this expandable organizer will have it de-cluttered in a flash. This organizer is designed to work around any pipes that are typically found in the under-sink cabinet, providing shelving for your cleaning supplies and toiletries without taking up too much space. It even expands in height, width, and depth to perfectly fir your under-sink space.

Installing smart plugs will not only make your life easier, but help save you money on your energy bills in the process. These plugs come in a pack of four and can be controlled hands-free with your Amazon Echo, Google Home, or via a smartphone app. Set your plugs on timers or schedules, or turn them off or on when you don’t need them, all with a simple voice command or a few taps of your fingers.

The most efficient way to clean your windows? Use a squeegee. This 8-inch squeegee has a simple silicone rubber blade that won’t leave streaks when you clean, and is the best, no-fuss option for cleaning everything from windows to mirrors to glass shower doors. One happy reviewer writes: “I’ve now had this product for over two years, and I can say that the rubber has held up exceptionally well. It works as great as it did the day I got it. I’m very impressed!”

Syrup is one of the most delicious breakfast essentials out there, but it tends to make a huge mess coming out of the bottle. This glass dispenser has a pump on top so you can control the amount that comes out of the bottom — just release the pump when you’ve gotten enough on your plate. This dispenser also helps keep your cabinets clean, as it sits in a handy little cup that catches any rogue bits of syrup.

Need a little extra privacy in your home? Install this window film, which has a super pretty design on it that adds some style to any space. With seven different sizes to choose from, this film uses simple static cling — no tools or sticky adhesives necessary! — to adhere to your windows, and even blocks out most UVA and UVB rays from the sun.

For year-round comfort in the bedroom, consider this reversible comforter. Super soft and plush-feeling, this comforter is made to keep you comfortable throughout the year, because the down alternative filling is breathable yet cozy. This fade-proof, stain-resistant comforter is meant to last for a long time, thanks to its durable construction and ultra-precise stitching.

This desk pad is an essential in your workspace. The perfect place to prop your laptop, wireless mouse, water bottle, cup of coffee, and everything in between, this waterproof mat will act as a mousepad and a writing mat, all while protecting your desk from spills, stains, and pen marks. With 14 colorways and four different sizes to choose from, this can work with your home office regardless of your vibe.

Prevent house fires and help your dryer run more efficiently with this lint hose vacuum attachment. It uses a flexible and slender neck to snatch any and all lint left behind in your trap. This hose attachment is suitable for most vacuum cleaners and couldn’t be easier to attach to your existing vacuum hose.

Both a bougie kitchen accessory and the best ways to get the perfect helping of your favorite seasonings, these electric salt-and-pepper grinders are a must-have. Adjust the coarseness of your grind with a quick twist of the dial, and turn over your grinders to automatically dispense — no button pushing necessary. Each of these grinders holds 2/3 cup of spices, making these way better than traditional salt-and-pepper shakers.

When you grab these mug stackers, you won’t ever have to unsafely stack your favorite mugs again. These devices stack two mugs on top of each other by securely latching together an upside-down and right-side-up mug, keeping them perfectly in place without them even touching. These are expandable, too, so they’ll fit any size mug you have stored in your cabinet.

Don’t settle for basic shelves when you can have these stylish and sleek hexagon shelves that look like they’re floating on your wall. This set of three durable yet lightweight shelves can are easy to install with the included hardware. They make use of otherwise unused wall space to hold mementos, succulents, extra toilet paper, or other small items while adding a chic, modern look that works in any room.

If you love to entertain, you (and your guests!) will love this charcuterie board even more. This board has it all: a durable, bamboo construction, two indented side trays that are ideal for storing crackers or nuts, two handles for easy transportation from the kitchen to the table, and a large surface for displaying your favorite meats and cheeses.

This tablet holder will keep your device in place while you watch YouTube, read an e-book, or need to skim a recipe online no matter where you are. Just adjust the two clamps to the correct width for your tablet, attach the holder to your counter or another space, then rotate and move your tablet in any way that you please. This tablet holder can suit any model ranging from 4 to 11 inches wide comfortably, and you can even travel with it thanks to its lightweight and portable design.

If you gravitate more towards tea instead of coffee, this teapot with a built-in infuser will become your new best friend and look chic residing in your kitchen. Unlike other glass teapots, this one is suitable for the stovetop and is even microwave-friendly. This 33-ounce glass pot can brew four cups of tea at a time, and has a stainless steel infuser to seamlessly steep your favorite loose leaf teas.