You Can Fit 10x More Crap In Your Closets & Cabinets With These 38 Genius Things

So you’ve already given your home the Marie Kondo treatment, and yet there’s still a near-constant collection of clutter. Sometimes, the issue isn’t having too much stuff, but finding the appropriate ways to store and organize everything. There’s a better way to sort out your closet than that wadded pile of T-shirts in your drawer, for example. By maximizing the space you already have and implementing some key tools to help you do so, you can take advantage of your existing storage options and save your self the physical and emotional hassle of another closet clean out. And you’ll even end up with extra room for more things.

The exact products you’ll need to help you on your organization journey will depend on what part of your home needs assistance. If your linen closet is exploding with extra blankets and sheets, vacuum space saver bags that greatly reduce their volume could be your saving grace. But if it’s your kitchen that’s the clutter culprit, try this water bottle organizer or these airtight food storage containers to address some common problem areas. There’s this and so much more on this list of 38 genius home organization products that will inspire you to maximize your space and make tidy sense of your stuff.

Loads of shoes and nowhere to put them? Try this shoe stacker organizer, a set of 20 plastic devices that allow you to neatly stack shoes on top of each other. They take up half as much space as setting the pair side by side, so you can fit double the shoes in the same amount of space. Adjust the height of each stacker to suit each of your pairs; they work with every style of shoe from sneakers to stilettos.

Using these shelf dividers to organize your closet shelving can give it an overall neater appearance and allow you to more easily sort different types of items. The adjustable metal hooks slide over most standard shelving, keeping the 12-inch divider upright and locked in place. Even your folded piles will stay neatly stacked with their help.

Baseball caps don’t need to be displayed on your walls in order to store them properly: You can do it much more compactly with this hanging cap organizer. Each cap is clasped firmly onto the 10 stainless steel clips and should fit one inside another. The overall hanger can hang from any hook or closest rod, so you can keep them accessible but organized.

Free up some closet space and put these clothing storage bags to work holding your seasonal clothes, extra sheets, towels, and more. Each has room for a king size comforter, six blankets, 35 clothing items, or six pillows; and there’s a clear panel so you can see exactly what’s inside without opening it. Reinforced seams, a sturdy zipper, and three-ply fabric prevent the bags from ripping, even when they’re full to the brim.

Your underwear drawer deserves a face lift, too, and these four drawer dividers will fit everything you need into tidy bins. They come in different sizes with appropriately sized compartments for undies, socks, bras, ties, and other small items. Soon, you’ll have an intimates drawer neat enough to rival the racks at your favorite lingerie boutique.

If you have a sizable handbag and purse collection, then you know how much storage space you can waste leaving them all on display. Instead, tuck them inside this hanging purse organizer, which has room for eight bags in the generous vinyl pockets. The entire thing hangs from a 360 degree swivel hook on your closet rod, and keeps them compact and ready to access for your next outing.

From time to time we all struggle in the clothes folding department, but having a crisp, clean fold can reduce majorly wasted space in your dresser. Using this laundry folding board could be a game changer: It was initially designed to be used with T-shirts, but you can fold practically anything neatly with it. Even pants, thick towels, and dressier shirts will have a uniform fold that allows you to more efficiently organize your wardrobe.

Is it a universal experience that everyone has a disorganized drawer of plastic tubs where you can never find exactly the right lid? Well those days are gone, because this food container lid organizer keeps them upright and methodically stacked. You’ll find using this frees up room in your drawer, too. The large size can hold both round and square lids, with adjustable dividers so you can customize it for your collection.

When stacked on top of one another, your pots and pans are not only difficult to access, but they’re also at risk for scratching each other. Not only will using this adjustable pot rack organizer be a more efficient way to store them, it will also prevent damage. There’s room for up to eight pots, pans, and lids, and you can adjust the tiers as you like to suit your kitchen needs. It doesn’t take up much space, and you can use it horizontally or vertically.

Storing items under your kitchen or bathroom sink can be challenging due to cumbersome plumbing. You can really maximize the space with this two-tiered expandable organizer, which is completely customizable to your space. Slide the metal panels apart as needed to allow your pipes to pass through and adjust the height of the unit to fit whatever needs organizing neatly on the shelves. It expands from 15.5 inches up to 25.2 inches, so it’s sure to work in almost every home.

If you own lots of tank tops or are looking for a new way to organize your bras, then you need this camisole hanger. Hang eight tops in the space of one with the innovative hook system, and you’ll avoid the awkward folding that occurs when you attempt to store them in a drawer. Both hangers in the set are made from durable steel and are sure to last for years.

Similarly, you can take control of your closet and save yourself a ton of space with this five-pack of pants hangers. Each one stows five pairs vertically in the space of one, saving you a ton of precious closet space. The stainless steel hangers are equipped with non-slip plastic tubing so your clothes will stay where they’re meant to.

Turn your attention to your pantry’s collection of canned foods. That chaotic stack won’t do anymore — try this can rack organizer, which holds up to 36 cans and allows you to plainly see each and every label. You can even purchase multiple units and stack them on top of each other for even more storage that takes advantage of vertical space. “These racks have adjustable dividers so almost any size can will fit nicely,” one reviewer wrote. “My pantry is much more organized and looks amazing!”

These clothes hanger connector hooks prove immensely helpful in organizing your closet space and maximizing space. Each one in the pack of 60 hooks goes over an in-use hanger and allows you to hook another hanger to the front, which will ultimately save you a ton of closet real estate. You can also use them to hang bags, belts, and other accessories with their appropriate clothes.

Use these wire over-the-door storage baskets to store kitchen odds and ends that can take up a lot of space otherwise. Cutting boards, baking sheets, aluminum foil, lids to pots and pans, you name it: This basket is a convenient place to store all of it. You can choose whether you’d like to mount it to the wall or hook it over a cabinet door (up to 1 inch thick.)

Use this handy pack of 20 hanger clips to transform your standard clothes hangers into hangers for pants, skirts, strapless tops, and more. They hook over the bottom rack with ease, and you can choose from eight different styles to match your hangers. The no-slip teeth will grip your clothes and prevent them from slipping without ever leaving indentations or damaging them.

When it comes to hanging your rakes, shovels, and other outdoor tools, this wall-mounted organizer will give everything a home. With five spring-loaded clamps and six small hooks that can hold a cumulative 35 pounds of tools, this weatherproof organizer will get your garage, garden, or closet in tip-top shape.

These nifty space-saving hangers allow you to slide five of your already-in-use hangers right in and hang them vertically. This way, you can fit even more clothes into the same amount of closet space, and all your clothes will remain visible and wrinkle-free. You can even use them to group like items and start a new organization system!

Alternatively, if your closet lacks space to hang clothes or you simply need some overflow help, try this wall-mounted hanger holder. There are six holes to hook hangers onto, so you can easily use it to plan an outfit, hang dry clothes, or store excess items. It can hold up to 12 hangers and is super easy to mount with the included brackets.

You’ve probably seen hanging fabric closet organizers before, but none like this one. This four-section fabric shelving unit hangs from your closet rod, but you won’t lose any hanging space due to the built-in garment rod at the bottom. And with shelves for sweaters, bags, shoes, or accessories, it has everything you need to make sense of your wardrobe.

If your pantry is short on space, or if you don’t have a pantry at all, use this wall and door rack to hold spices, cans, bottles, and other small items. With eight tiers of shelves at various heights, you can mount this rack to a wall or hook it over your pantry door. It’s easy to see all your commonly-used ingredients, like spices, oil, sauces, and more once they’re organized on this rack.

Another bulky-item-storage solution? This over-the-door organizer for hair styling tools. There are three circular slots for your straightener, blow dryer, curling iron, or other hot tools. The tray at the bottom is a great place to store your brush and other styling products. And with this organizer, you also have the option of mounting it to the wall or hooking it over a cabinet door (a great solution for those with limited space!)

Give yourself some extra closet space to work with or use this over-the-door clothes hanging rod to lay out tomorrow’s outfit or hang dry delicates. Just hook it over your closet door and you’re ready to go: The heavy duty steel rod can hold up to 20 pounds on any standard door. One reviewer hung a shoe organizer and belt and tie rack to their hanging rod to free up some space for clothes in the rest of their closet, and reported that there was still room for a few more items.

If you’re seriously strapped for places to hang clothes, this adjustable closet hanging rod could be your solution. It hangs from your existing closet rod and expands to suit your needs up to 30 inches long. The height is also adjustable, so you can customize it to the space you have. Made from durable steel with a chrome finish, you’re sure to find endless uses for this rod that expands your hanging space.

Large kitchen cabinets or open-concept shelving may seem like a blessing for all the storage space they offer, but the lack of structure can actually make it difficult to organize different types of items. These under-shelf baskets can help break up the space, giving you small compartments to store anything from aluminum foil to boxes of tea. The pack of two can work with any shelf up to one inch thick, and you’ll fit in so much more by taking advantage of previously unused vertical space.

One tried-and-true organization trick is this hanging fabric closet organizer that adds drawer-like space to your closet and can be used for practically anything. Shoes, sweaters, scarves, purses, you name it — there’s a place for all of that. With six spacious compartments in the center, plus three mesh pockets on each side for smaller items, you won’t be running out of space anytime soon. Two hooks hang from your closet rod and keep it secure.

Have you ever been mid-meal prep and realized your recipe calls for a spice you haven’t used in weeks? Suddenly you’re rooting through your cabinets while your food sizzles, and that simply won’t do. Install this easy-to-access pull-out spice rack, and you’ll never encounter that kind of panic again. The 6-inch rack comes on tracks that slide out of your cabinet for easy access, so it’s the perfect small-space spice solution.

If you’ve got a bit more space to work with, then I recommend this spinning, tiered spice organizer for your tabletop or pantry. It holds up to 40 spices and spins 360 degrees in either direction to easily access all of them. You can even adjust the height of the top shelf up to 8 inches high to accommodate your collection, and there’s space in the middle for even taller containers.

Rather than keeping a bunch of bulky food packaging in your pantry, pour dry foods into these airtight storage containers. With seven containers in various sizes, they’ll accommodate anything from pasta to crackers to candy. Food will stay fresh for much longer, and your pantry will look that much more organized with these stackable containers. Sounds like a win-win to me.

For other bulky items that don’t hang in your closet, like blankets, pillows, and seasonal clothes, try these cube-shaped vacuum space saver bags. Each one in the six-pack can hold three to five comforters, and keeps the items inside sealed and airtight until you need them again. They’re perfect for saving space while moving or for creating more room in storage areas.

Are you the kind of person who collects mis-matched mugs from everywhere you go, or do you strictly stick to a matching set? Either way, you’ll want to show of your collection with this under-cabinet mug holder. The pack of three racks hook onto any standard shelf and have room to display up to six mugs. There’s no real installation required either: Just slide the iron racks over your shelves, and hang your mugs (or other kitchenware) onto each hook. Show off your collection while freeing up space inside your cabinet.

Possibly the easiest way to make it look like you have your life together is to invest in matching hangers. I love this 30-pack of non-slip hangers, which are made from a sleek black velvet. The upgrade will make your closet look more streamlined because your clothes will all hang at the same height, and you’ll be able to fit more items inside thanks to their slim profile. Plus, that velvet coating keeps items from sliding off the hangers.

Those reusable water bottles can be a puzzler when it comes to storage. Solve that problem easily with this bottle organizer, which has indented slots on each shelf so they’ll actually stay in place. The shelves are adjustable and can accommodate any size bottle. The unit itself has non-slip feet and is super easy to assemble.

Seal off your most precious clothing items in these hanging vacuum-sealed bags, and watch your closet space expand up to four times. Use them for special occasion wear, like suits and dresses, to keep them sealed away from moisture, mildew, insects, odors, and other damaging environmental factors. They are airtight and reusable, so you can continue to use them for years to come.

These massive food storage tubs are perfect for bulk buyers. Each tub in the four-piece set can hold up to eight pounds of dry spaghetti noodles. They’ll keep your dry foods fresh for months and come with 24 reusable labels and two measuring cups.

For the clothing items you use most, you don’t want them tucked away in boxes or drawers, but front and center so they’re easy to access and put away. This double-sided hanging closet organizer with 42 mesh pouches can aid in that process: There’s more than enough space for all your undies, socks, tights, and other compact items. It comes hooked over a hanger, but you can easily unsnap the snaps and replace it with your own.

When you’re stumbling around your kitchen first thing in the morning on a coffee mission, the last thing you want to do is hunt around for said coffee. Fortunately for Keurig users, this under-shelf K-Cup storage unit has your back. It mounts to the bottom of a cabinet with double-sided adhesive and opens up to reveal up to 12 K cups at your disposal. It opens with one hand, and you’ll barely notice it’s there.

If you, like me, have a giant bag of plastic bags floating around your house, then you need to invest in this hanging plastic bag storage organizer that keeps them contained and tucked away. Shove up to 50 of your plastic bags into the wire rack, which has a convenient hole at the bottom to pull them out one by one when you need it. It hooks neatly over any cabinet, so they won’t clutter up your home anymore.