You Can Cheaply Solve So Many Problems Around Your House With These 40 Genius Things

Having a space to call your own comes with tons of perks, like privacy and a chance to display your personal taste — just to name a couple. But that doesn’t mean day-to-day problems don’t cause their fair share of frustrations, too. Cramped cabinets cause messes, clothes get lost in the wash, and food goes bad before you can use it.

But while you may think you need to spend a ton to fix those mishaps, that’s not always the case. This list is full of genius items that can solve your problems on the cheap. In fact, every single product here is $45 or below, with most of them clocking in around the $20 range. What’s more, they all come highly reviewed. Problem solved.

Banish lint and hair with this animal fur remover tool. Made from durable plastic, this hair remover works by building up a static charge on the fabric interior to trap hair without sticky sheets. Simply open up the chamber and pull out the pet hair after use and it’s ready to go again.

No need for ladders to clean the ceiling fan, because this extendable duster goes from 27 inches to 47 inches in just minutes, allowing you to reach high places. Its microfiber body wraps around each blade individually to trap dust without scattering it down on you. Just hand wash to clean.

These wireless touch lights allow you to have extra lighting anywhere you need it — without costly electric upgrades. They can be installed easily with screws or adhesive tape and require just a tap to turn them on. They’re powered by AAA batteries and can last for 40 hours before they need replacing.

If you feel like you’re constantly wiping up after doing dishes, try laying down this silicone drying mat instead. It has a raised outer lip to help prevent leaking and raised ridges inside to ensure air can circulate through your items as they dry. Plus, it’s heat-safe, so you can use it for a trivet as well.

These velvet-lined shirt hangers can solve tons of your closet problems. The velvet material prevents clothes from slipping off, while the slim design can create up to 50% more space in your closet compared to thicker hangers. You’ll be able to grab everything with ease since the hooks swivel 360 degrees, too.

Get your schedule on track with this magnetic dry erase calendar set. It sticks to your fridge, features large boxes for text, and can be fully erased to start fresh each month. It comes with markers with capped erasers and even includes a bonus erasable shopping list.

Any affordable device that cuts down on cooking hassle is worth it, and this snap on pot strainer is no exception. It hooks on to the side of your pot so that you can drain excess liquid straight into the sink with one hand. It’s made from BPA-free silicone, so it will bend to fit a variety of pot sizes.

Organize and charge your devices at once with this wireless charging station. It allows you to charge three devices at once: an Apple Watch, AirPods, and a smartphone or tablet. There’s even a notch on the back to wrap extra cords around so you can avoid tangles.

If your kitchen cabinets are overflowing, try this lazy Susan to organize them. It’s made from sleek and durable bamboo and features two tiers to add additional shelf space. Most importantly, its turntable base rotates 360 degrees so you can reach any item without messing up your cabinets.

It can be tough to find silverware trays that fit your drawers perfectly, and that’s where these adjustable drawer dividers come in. Made from bamboo, these dividers come with four in a pack and extend from 17.5 to 22 inches long. You can space them out at whatever width you like too, making them fully customizable.

If out-of-season clothes or bulky towels and blankets take up way too much space, try shrinking them down in these vacuum storage bags. Just pack them, attach a vacuum to the valve, and suck out the air to compress the items. These bags boast 80% more storage than similar products and even come with a bonus travel pump.

No need to spend a ton installing a better doorbell, just stick this wireless doorbell on with included tape or screws and enjoy tons of features. The indoor receiver can play tons of chimes at four different volumes and even lights up when someone presses the bell. The outdoor unit is also fully weatherproof, so it can stand up to whatever the seasons throw at it.

While some cutting boards get damp and slippery with use, these cutting boards have a clever feature to avoid that. Each of the three boards per pack comes with a juice groove around the perimeter of the edge to collect excess liquid and tame messes. They’re even dishwasher safe.

If your phone gets a ton of use, this sanitizing power bank will too. It uses UV light to sanitize your smartphone while simultaneously charging it, and it works on any other small household items. Simply insert your items, wait 15 minutes, and when you hear the chime you’ll know it’s done.

If you want temperature-controlled wine wherever you go, try these insulated wine glasses. Featuring a classic goblet shape made with stainless steel, the glasses are shatterproof and even come with a leak-resistant lid so that they can travel anywhere you can. The base of the glasses comes outfitted with a nonslip rubber bottom for even more stability.

These food storage containers can help organize your pantry and prevent food from going stale at the same time. Made from BPA-free plastic, they feature airtight lids with locking mechanisms and silicone seals. They even come with chalkboard style labels and chalk pens to help easily identify your supplies.

You can give loose items a home (and look elegant doing it) with this vanity tray. Measuring 11.25 by 6.25 inches, this tray is made from glazed ceramic and boasts a marble pattern and chic gold foil trim on the lip. It’s ideal for organizing jewelry, makeup, loose change, and more.

Keep your sponges dry and mildew at bay with this sponge holder. Made from ceramic, it looks high-end at a reasonable price point and won’t scratch your countertops. The charming basket weave pattern gives it a rustic vibe with modern convenience — and, yep, it’s dishwasher safe.

Bring the style and tranquility of a spa to your bathroom with this bamboo bath mat. The raised slats ensure there’s ideal airflow, while its water-resistant and anti-slip coating make it a practical addition to your space. Thanks to the rubber grips on the bottom, it’s built to stay put, too.

Protect and store your vinyl collection with this record storage box. Simply assemble the box using the snaps at the seams and fill it up. When you need to find a record, you can open it from the top (or the side) to get a better look. Each box can fit up to 75 12-inch records and comes with reinforced metal handles.

Level up your cooking with this oil and vinegar dispenser set. Each set comes with two glass bottles, a funnel, seal caps, and spout caps so you can load the bottles up with your favorite products. Conveniently, the bottles are labeled with both ounce and milliliter measurements so you can keep track as you cook.

Get maximum power in a small package with this set of pocket lights. Weighing just 1 ounce, each of these pen lights are made from high-grade aluminum, and they can clip onto anything so they’re always within reach when you need them. They boast 100 lumens and are even rated IPX4 for water resistance.

If you’re constantly throwing out spoiled veggies, try these produce-saving bins instead. They come with a built-in filter that helps optimize the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide to help produce last longer. They each also feature a raised base that helps collect water to prevent your items from sitting in a soggy puddle.

Thanks to these silicone covers, you won’t have to make any major kitchen renovations to seal the gaps between your stove and countertops. They fit seamlessly into the gaps, leaving flat surfaces on top. In other words, there will be no more crumbs falling down the crevices (or food spills can’t reach). You can trim them to fit your space, and they’re dishwasher safe.

Little holes and dings don’t have to be big problems, since this hole-repair kit can tackle them in a breeze. It delivers three uses in one bottle. First, apply the spackle and primer, use the flat edge on the bottom of the tube to smooth it over the hole, and then finally use the rough surface of the cap to sand it down.

Cut down on wear and tear of chargers with these cable protectors. Each pack comes with 12 silicone protectors in six different shades. Just wrap them around the bases of your cables, and they’ll help protect your cords from bending at too sharp of an angle while still providing flexibility.

Prevent the dreaded missing sock phenomenon with this laundry sock clip. Simply clip your sock on the hanger with its mate and toss the whole thing in the wash. Each unit comes with enough clips to secure nine pairs of socks, and you get two per order. Just hang it in the closet when you’re done.

Sometimes, extra water around your sink can lead to rust or water stains — but this sink mat helps prevent that. It’s made from a sponge core and microfiber exterior that snaps cleanly around your faucet to absorb spills in just minutes. When you’re ready to clean it, the whole unit can go in the washing machine.

If you’re trying to cut down on grime and grease without harsh chemicals, try this stainless steel cleaner kit. Harnessing the power of lavender essential oil, it polishes fingerprints and more. Just use a light spray and the included microfiber cloth for a clean finish with a pleasant smell.

If counter space is in short supply, try this charming bamboo kitchen corner shelf. Its slotted planks are great for air circulation, making it ideal for storing fruits, loaves of bread, and more. Everything you need for installation — including screws and a screwdriver — is included, too.

There’s no need to remodel your kitchen because you can add extra cupboard space for under $20 with this over-the-door cabinet organizer. It’s constructed out of sturdy silver-coated steel, and you can simply drape the foam-padded hooks over your cabinet door to store baking tins, cutting boards, and more. It can also be screwed into a wall of your choice.

Keep two spare rolls of toilet paper within reach with this over-the-tank roll holder. To set it up, just lift the top off the toilet tank, hook the bracket over the side, and replace the tank cover. Its chrome-finished metal construction and sleek curved edges make it a practical and modern addition to your space.

This garment steamer can tackle wrinkles in clothes and much more. Since it works on fabrics like chiffon, wool, and linen, you can release creases on curtains, blankets, and anything else that’s cumbersome to iron. It features a 240-milliliter tank that can produce steam for up to 15 minutes. Plus, it’s compact and doesn’t take up much space.

Lock in freshness with this bread loaf keeper. Made from plastic, it features a lid with an airtight seal to help prevent your bread from going stale. Simply insert your loaf into the box and pull the bag up and over the sides of the box. When you want a slice, just pull the sides down further to dispense.

Fend off scuffs and scrapes with these wall shields. Each pack comes with six rubber bumpers; simply peel off the adhesive on the back and stick them wherever your surfaces could use a bit of protection. They work well behind doorknobs but can also be used to keep toilet seats from slamming (and more).

Control the color of your lighting and so much more with this two-pack of smart bulbs. Offering up millions of shades to choose from, these smart lights can be controlled via app or voice command. You can even schedule on and off times and more, all while using significantly less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs.

Banish bunched-up fitted sheets for good with this four-pack of sheet holder straps. The triangle-shaped elastic straps attach to three different access points on the corner of the sheet, while the nickel-plated clips keep it from slipping out. The whole device sits underneath your mattress, completely out of sight.

This flexible plunger goes above and beyond what other toilet tools can do. Avoid that nonstop pumping by inserting the stainless steel plunger into the pipe to dislodge clogs. Its bendable neck helps you reach difficult angles, while the rubberized ridges even act as a squeegee. Simply place it in the accompanying caddy when you’re done.

Keep your spices clearly identified and always on hand with these magnetic spice tins. Each pack comes with 12 tins and 122 different labels of the most common seasonings. The magnetic backing means they’ll stick to most metal surfaces, and the clear tops allow you to keep an eye on the level of your supplies.

If your closet has decent space but not enough rods, try this hanging closet rod. Made from sturdy alloy steel, the bar has two hanger-like hooks at the top that simply slip over your existing closet rod. What makes this gadget especially helpful are the adjustable notches on the rod so that you can perfectly customize its height in your closet.