[Update: Sold for $736K] Bidding for ‘exceptional’ Apple-1 with original box signed by Woz starts at $50K

We usually see a few Apple-1 computers go up for auction each year, but the latest one looks to be rarer than most. In addition to being in “exceptional” and “fully functional” condition, this Apple-1 includes all the necessary accessories and comes in the original box signed by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

Update 12/18: This Apple-1 proved to be a highly desired unit with the winning bid ending at 736,862.50. That far exceeded RR Auction’s estimate of $400,000 and puts it among some of the most expensive auctions of working Apple-1 computers to date.

Also part of the recent Apple lot that was up for auction, Steve Wozniak’s “handwritten schematics and programming instructions for a prototype of the Apple II home computer sold for $630,272.”

RR Auction has its “Steve Jobs + Apple Auction” lot going up for sale on December 10. And the Apple-1 in exceptional, working condition will certainly bring in the most money. Bidding is starting at $50,000 for this rare machine.

This Apple-1 computer was restored to its original, operational state in September 2020 by Apple-1 expert Corey Cohen, and a video of it running and functioning is available upon request. A comprehensive, technical condition report prepared by Cohen is available to qualified bidders; he evaluates the current condition of the unit as 8.0/10. Aside from the presence of the exceptionally rare original shipping box—one of just a handful of known Apple-1 and box sets known today—the most remarkable aspect of this Apple-1 computer is that it is documented to be fully operational: the system was operated without fault for approximately eight hours in a comprehensive test.

Here’s what it includes:

Check out the full auction listing as well as the other Steve Jobs and Apple memorabilia up for grabs at RR Auction.

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