The "Ugly" '90s Trends Miley Cyrus Wears Again & Again

No one can deny that Miley Cyrus is a trendsetter. Back when the rest of us were questioning why anyone would wear so-called “ugly” ‘90s trends, it was Cyrus who was wearing them first. Joke’s on us, though. These days everyone is trying to emulate that very decade.

In fact, many of Cyrus’ signature looks hail from the 1990s, from overalls to grunge, super wide-leg jeans to fishnet tights alike. And what’s more? She wears them all with ease.

The more popular trends of the ‘90s, like denim skirts, chunky loafers, and slip dresses are at the forefront of everyone’s style mind these days. Some, however, have taken a little longer to percolate.

Take some cues from Miley Cyrus and style those “ugly” trends of the ‘90s as stylishly as she does. Ahead, find her best in the category. Plus, exactly what to buy to get the look yourself.

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Overalls were a huge mainstay of the ‘90s and they’re back with a vengeance. Miley styles them in her own way, pairing a black T-shirt and tights with the denim favorite.

Why wear skinny jeans when you can give yourself all the room in the world in a pair of super wide-leg jeans instead? Miley balances out the slouch with a structured crop top and heels.

Nothing says ‘90s quite like grunge and Miley consistently nails the look today. With fishnets, plaid kilts, and graphic tees, her look is plucked right out of a former decade.