The Best Boob Tapes That Offer Lift & Support, Sans Bra

When Kim Kardashian publicly shared she used gaffers tape to secure her breasts when wearing plunging necklines and backless dresses, I’ll admit I was the first to put it to the test. And while it (kinda) worked, the pain I felt when ripping it off simply wasn’t worth it. Luckily, the fashion world has plenty of skin-safe alternatives so you can comfortably go braless. The best boob tapes work to lift, support, and conceal your breasts using gentle, long-lasting, sweat- and water-resistant adhesives — and they’re all painless to remove. For more insight on shopping for boob tape, and how to apply and remove it properly, Bustle spoke to wardrobe stylist Grace Thomas.

Grace Thomas is a Portland, Oregon-based wardrobe and personal stylist and founder of the company Builtgracefully. She has over ten years of experience in styling, buying, and fashion merchandising.

As breasts are an extremely sensitive body part, Thomas advises choosing a tape that isn’t just long-lasting, but is also gentle on the skin. According to Thomas, the safest options are latex-free, medical-grade, and hypoallergenic, and made of breathable, high-quality cotton and stretchy spandex. For your convenience, all of the options listed ahead suit these requirements.

Size is a consideration, as well. Most of the tape listed ahead measures 2 inches wide, but you’ll find a few options that clock in at 3 inches wide to better suit larger breasts.

First, make sure your skin is completely dry and free of any oils or lotion that could cause the adhesive to slip. Next, place a nipple cover at the center of the breast to protect these extra sensitive areas. “You never want to put the adhesive directly on your nipple,” Thomas says. “It will cause damage to that sensitive part of your skin.” (All the tapes on this list include nipple covers.) Next, map out where you’ll place the tape before cutting it into strips and securing them in place.

Removal is probably one of the most important parts of this process, since ripping it off can cause major damage to your skin. Thomas says the simplest way to remove boob tape is to take a hot bath or shower, letting the tape soak in soapy water before gently peeling it off. If a shower or bath isn’t in the cards, Thomas advises massaging in baby oil or coconut oil to loosen the adhesive before slowly peeling off the tape, adding more oil as you go.

Now go rock that backless dress with confidence, because I’ve rounded up five of the best boob tapes available on Amazon.

With over 6,000 five-star ratings, this boob tape is the most popular option on Amazon. This sweat-resistant and latex-free tape is made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex for a stretchy yet breathable feel. It’s 3 inches wide and 16.4 feet long, and comes with a pair of reusable, hypoallergenic silicone nipple covers. The brand also makes this tape in an extra-large size, which is ideal for those with bigger breasts.

Helpful review: “I love being able to support my boobs without a bra. As a member of an upcoming bridal party, I have to follow a certain style, but it means not being able to wear a bra with straps. Considering I have larger set breasts, a strapless bra would do nothing for me so this tape it amazing. It’s very supportive and you can adjust the method of application as you see fit.”

For just about $25 on Amazon, this boob tape set gets you everything you need — and more — to contour and conceal your breasts. Included in this set is a roll of tape, four pairs of disposable satin nipple petals, one pair reusable silicone nipple covers, a skin sensitivity test patch, and a satin storage pouch. Measuring 2 inches wide and 16.5 feet long, the tape is made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex and is breathable, sweat-resistant, and hypoallergenic.

Helpful review: “I’m a DD cup so the idea of not wearing a bra honestly terrifies me. BUT, this was such an amazing experience. The instructions were amazing and it adheres so well. No peeling at all. And it literally felt more supportive than a regular bra. Truly so comfortable and amazing. I could wear it daily! 10/10 recommend! And I LOVE that the kit comes with nipple covers as well. The whole kit is everything you need and it’s a lifesaver for larger chested ladies that want to wear fun outfits!”

Consider exposed bra straps a thing of the past with this hypoallergenic boob tape, which comes in a convenient two-pack. This sweat-resistant tape is composed of 95% cotton and 5% spandex and is made with medical-grade adhesive. It’s available in two sizes (2-inch or 3-inch) and two color combinations — two neutral rolls, or a black roll and a neutral roll — to suit your preferences. In addition to the two rolls of tape, you’ll also find a pair of ultra-thin, seamless silicone nipple covers and a pair of fabric petals.

Helpful review: “Packaged nicely and includes easy to understand instructions with images. I love that there is an option for nude and black tape so you can choose the best color depending on your outfit! [...] The nipple covers are reusable and it’s nice that they’re included so you don’t have to buy them separately! After wearing for an evening I followed the instructions for removal and had no irritation and I have sensitive skin. Try these out! You’ll love them!”

This sweat-resistant boob tape is made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex and measures 5 centimeters wide (that’s just under 2 inches), plus it comes with a pair of reusable silicone nipple covers. The best part? This boob tape is available in three different colors: beige, light beige, and brown. And you can’t beat that $10 price tag.

Helpful review: “I used this tape and it gave me an immediate lift! My girls stayed in place through dancing, sweating, and a bouncy house water slide at a party! Had the tape on from 10:00 AM until after midnight and the tape stayed in tact! Great product- I highly recommend!”

You can find the braless support you’re after without breaking the bank thanks to this budget-friendly boob tape. Made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex, this latex-free tape is both breathable and waterproof, so it will comfortably stay put no matter how much dancing you do. Measuring 16.4 feet long and two inches wide, this tape also comes with a pair of reusable silicone nipple covers.

Helpful review: “This tape is FANTASTIC! I don't ever want to use a strapless bra again, and I don't think I'm going to have to. It's so comfortable, stays on no matter what (sweating in a club for hours in Vegas and it didn't even budge), and a great price.”


Grace Thomas, wardrobe stylist at Builtgracefully