The 13 Best Washable Dog Beds You Can Get On Amazon

If your dog needs a bed that’s comfortable but is easy for you to clean, a washable dog bed makes a wonderful compromise. The best washable dog beds come in a range of styles and are easy to maintain. Many of these beds are fully washable, making clean-up a breeze. Some dog bed materials can’t be fully washed — but options with machine-washable, removable covers can make them convenient to use, too.

As you shop, considering your preference may help you find your ideal dog bed. For those who want a fully washable bed, look for options with inserts or fillings made of polyester and cotton. These can often handle a cycle (or 20) through the washing machine. While foam bedding is a very popular (and soft) option, it typically breaks apart when washed. Fortunately, there are foam-stuffed dog beds with removable covers that you can wash. When it comes to foam and other non-washable designs, look for water-resistant covers to help prevent slobber and other wet messes from seeping through the fabric.

As you’re shopping, the main thing you’ll have to decide is which bed design suits your pup the best, as designs include plush donuts, orthopedic foam beds, portable mats, and many other styles in between. You’ll also want to make sure the bed you choose is big enough for your pup. Many of the below picks come in multiple sizes, so you can easily find the perfect match.

For more on the best washable dog beds, check out these 13 recommendations, which are all available on Amazon.

With more than 2,900 Amazon reviews and an average 4.5-star rating, this dog bed is one of the most popular washable options around, and it's no question why. It's made of a soft, suede-like exterior with a dig-resistant polyester filling. It's even designed with a waterproof base to keep accidents from transferring to the floor. Plus, the bed's available in four sizes (from 24 inches to 52 inches in length) to accommodate dogs of most sizes. It's also available in seven different earth-toned color options to match your home's decor.

When it's time to wash the bed, simply load it into the washer and set it on the gentle cycle. One Amazon reviewer who purchased two of the beds for their dogs wrote that “they come out of the wash brand new and ready for use again.”

One reviewer wrote: “I have had this bed for a year. My dog carries it all over the house to his favorite spots. It always looks nice and I love that it is washable.”

If you’re looking for a tried-and-true option, look no further than this shag dog bed. It’s available in four different sizes and boasts a round design that, at its largest size, can cater to multiple dogs if need be. The bed is made of a faux fur that keeps pups cozy as they fall asleep. Plus, the round donut shape is perfect for dogs who like to curl up in a ball and sink into it. One reviewer reported that it’s “very durable and easy to wash.” The manufacturer specifies that the smallest size is fully washable, but it recommends machine-washing just the cover of the larger versions.

One reviewer wrote: “Amazingly soft and so cozy. My pug gets separation anxiety and this really helps when we are out of the house. Has gone through multiple washes and still looks the same when it arrived. Good value for the price and highly recommend for [your] fur babies.”

If you’re looking for a simple way to make your dog’s crate more comfy, this washable crate pad can do the trick. Wesley Salazar, Associate Commerce Editor at Bustle Digital Group, has this one at home, and she appreciates how easy it is to fit in the washing machine. Salazar has used it in a crate and as a standalone bed. Salazar writes, “I also like that it has a small bolster running around the sides because it helps to contain treat crumbs and toys,” adding that “it doesn’t hurt that it’s budget-friendly, too.” The pad is made with a soft polyester filling and covered in a sherpa material.

One reviewer wrote: “While I'm still waiting for a thank you note from the dog, he seems to really like the pad. I had bought one for his crate (where he sleeps nightly) and he liked it so much he'd go in there during the day to nap. Since I was doing the work-from-home thing, I got him a larger one to put on the floor near my work area [...] I think it is relatively durable, as I throw it in the washing machine with other dog towels, pads, etc, then into the dryer and it comes out all fluffy and soft. But most important- he really likes it.”

Although it's only available in versions measuring 20 inches wide, this AmazonBasics dog bed is still a fantastic washable pick for small dogs. It's made with a cozy flannel top and durable canvas sides and bottom, and it features plush bolsters for dogs who like to cuddle up against something. For the best results, the manufacturer recommends washing this bed separately and letting it air dry.

One reviewer wrote: “This dog bed washes in the washer and the flannel is easy to clean. It makes my puppy comfortable and cozy.”

Offered in seven different sizes ranging from 18 to 48 inches, this plush dog pad will suit most dog breeds. The pad is stuffed with a polyester material, and the swirl pattern design is as soft as it is pretty. Plus, it’s machine-washable. Just wash it on the delicate setting and tumble dry on low.

One reviewer wrote: “First bed for a new puppy, very comfortable. Especially happy with how well it has held up through multiple potty accidents and washing/drying.”

If your dog needs more support for their joints, look no further than this orthopedic dog bed. It is made with memory foam and protected with a water-resistant cover. Should an accident arise, simply remove the cover and toss it into the washing machine. An anti-skid bottom helps to keep it in place on the floor.

One reviewer wrote: “Very nice. Our dog immediately snuggled right into this bed. Easy to remove covers and clean.”

Pups that tend to run warm, live somewhere with high temps, or just prefer resting off the ground will appreciate this elevated dog bed. It’s made with well-ventilated mesh and 7-inch-tall risers to help keep air moving and keep dogs cool. Cleanup is easy, too: Just hose the whole bed down or toss it (sans bed frame) into the washing machine.

One reviewer wrote: “This is a great elevated bed. Most other brands screw together and the legs end up being a little wonky/uneven but this one has a special design to make sure the mesh and legs are even. The bed is sturdy and great quality and it’s also easy to clean (spray down with water). I leave it outside and haven’t noticed any warping or rusting.”

This dog bed will please smaller pups who like to burrow when they sleep. It’s designed with a built-in blanket and raised sides to provide a sense of security. Inside the plush fabric is a polyester filling that’s just as soft. Best of all? The whole bed is machine-washable.

One reviewer wrote: “I bought the medium for my 8lbs maltese. He absolutely loves it. He jumped right into his new bed and would not leave. The bed is super soft and very easy to clean. I machine washed the bed and tumble dried it after I received it [...] Would highly recommend it!”

If your dog loves the outdoors, you might want a packable dog pad to accompany you on all your adventures. It’s lined with a water-resistant liner that resists frequent wear and tear. While a quick wipe down will keep it dirt free, it’s also safe to run through a washing machine.

One reviewer wrote: “I bought this as a camping mat for my pup (65 lb. Lab). He really likes it. We've used it in the tent as a sleeping pad to give a little comfort as well as around the campsite. It's nice to give him a little place to lay off the ground (the campsite can be muddy at times). I've also washed this in the washing machine two times (handwash/gentle cycle and air dry); it's done well. I'm very pleased with this purchase and the price.”

Made to use year-round, this reversible dog bed features two different textured surfaces. One side is made with a faux suede material, and the other is made of corduroy for cooler weather. The inside is filled with polyester, and you can clean the whole thing in the washing machine.

One reviewer wrote: “I loved the softness and the higher 3 sides of the bed. I had purchased this bed for my new puppy but all 4 of my dogs love it. I had to wash it within the first couple of weeks, when one of my dogs got sick. It washed well and looks just as great when it came out if the dryer.”

When your dog is larger than the average, you’ll need a bed to comfortably accommodate their size. This jumbo-dog bed is the largest option on the list. While stuffed with non-machine-washable egg crate foam, you can remove the cover to wash it. Plus, the cover has two sides: one with water-resistant oxford cloth and one with sherpa.

One reviewer wrote: “This bed is huge! It's perfect for my golden retriever and German Shepherd to snuggle on. Super comfortable even my daughter will lay on it with her pups and nap! I love how easily removable the cover is to clean too!”

If you have some old clothes, blankets, or towels lying around, meet an affordable DIY solution: the Molly Mutt dog bed duvet cover. Just stuff it with the soft textiles you already own, and you're good to go. The cover is fully washable and made of pre-shrunk, 100% cotton. It's available in sizes ranging from small to large, and there are 24 different colors and styles to choose from. Best of all, using items like old T-shirts to fill it makes the bed smell like your dog's favorite human (aka you).

One reviewer wrote: “I have two greyhounds who love these duvet covers filled with old dog beds, blankets, old towels, etc. They can dig and fluff them anyway they want them and can't hurt these covers! They easily go in the washing machine.”

If your dog likes sleeping on the couch, this water-resistant dog pad can function as a makeshift bed and protect your upholstery. It’s covered in a cushy quilted fabric that’s filled with polyester, and it’s reversible with a different color on each side. It also features raised sides, along with couch anchors for security. Chuck the whole thing in the washing machine when it’s due for a clean.

One reviewer wrote: “I was using old bed sheets to protect our furniture until I found this one. Our dog loves it (especially resting her head on the side pillow) and we love how easy it is to use and clean.”