The 10 Best Sandals For Flat Feet, According To A Podiatrist

Everyone needs at least one pair of comfortable, supportive sandals in their wardrobe, but if you have flat feet, finding a go-to pair isn’t so easy. To understand what those with flat feet should look for when shopping for sandals, I spoke to Dr. Jacqueline Sutera, DPM, a board-certified podiatrist and Vionic Innovation Lab Member. According to Dr. Sutera, the best sandals for flat feet have added structure and support, such as a deep heel cup, arch support, a durable outer sole, and ergonomic cushioning.

Overpronation, or flat feet, refers to “the absence of a curve in the arch of the foot, especially when standing,” says Dr. Sutera. This condition causes excess strain on the midfoot, which can in turn lead to joint pain and discomfort while walking or standing for long periods of time. This makes it extra important that the shoes you wear, including sandals, have adequate support.

According to Dr. Sutera, “the more open the sandal, the less support there will be, especially in the arch, where flat-footed people tend to need it the most.” That said, there are open-style sandals that can be suitable for flat feet (even flip flops are fair game), so long as they have the supportive features Dr. Sutera recommends: “a deep seated heel cup, arch support, a sturdy outer sole, and a cushioned insole.” Additionally, Dr. Sutera suggests looking for sandals with “strappier and more structured styles,” as they offer more support and stability. Strappy styles also give you the option to adjust the sandal for a better, more secure fit. To make your search even easier, know that all the sandals on this list were chosen for meeting these foot-friendly specs.

And while these are a few of the key features to look out for when buying sandals (or any shoe for flat feet, for that matter), there are also some you should avoid. According to Dr. Sutera, you’ll want to keep away from shoes with thin, flat insoles; closed-toe sandals that are narrow or pointy at the front; and those that overexpose the mid-section of your feet. The lack of support offered by these styles can lead to unwanted sprains and strains and can worsen the condition.

The good news? There are plenty of sandals on Amazon that tick off all those boxes — and they’re surprisingly stylish. Keep reading to find 10 of the best sandals for flat feet.

Vionic specializes in creating shoes for people with foot conditions like overpronation and plantar fasciitis — and this pair of fan-favorite flip flops is no different. Outfitted with expert-designed footbeds, they’re a favorite of Dr. Sutera’s too, who says they’re great for flat feet because “they offer their ‘three-zone comfort technology’ which includes a deep-seated heel cup, arch support, and cushioning.” Altogether, that technology helps promote foot stability to keep discomfort at bay. Meanwhile, a TPR outsole creates a sturdy, grippy base, and either a leather or suede thong adds a touch of luxury. Choose from 18 colorways, including neutrals and metallics.

Customer reviews: “I have extremely flatfeet, horrible overpronation, and these are the only flipflops that I can wear; they are comfy, and I can wear them all day without getting sore ankles.”

If you don’t believe that orthopedic shoes can be cute, these braided strap slides will make you think again. Designed with a memory foam cork footbed, these sandals absorb impact and give a bouncy feel to every step. The arch support and deep heel cup will keep flat feet comfortable even after walking or standing for long periods of time. The synthetic leather straps have adjustable buckles for a personalized fit, and the water-resistant footbed keeps sweaty feet cool and dry.

Customer review: “I have flatfeet and these are the perfect sandal. They have great arch support. So comfortable, I was able to wear them all day the first time I wore them.”

To combat foot pain, Dr. Sutera suggests opting for sandals in strappier styles, just like these flatforms from Teva. The adjustable toe and ankle straps help you find a snug fit and keep your feet secure. These also feature a molded, cushioned footbed with heel cupping and arch support, in addition to a rubber outsole for durability and added traction. These sandals boast a 1.75-inch height, but the flatform design keeps you stable — and adds an on-trend, ‘90s-inspired spin. Grab them in a neutral like metallic silver or bright white; or go for a more daring option, like the rainbow striped platform or multicolored Aztec print.

Customer review: “I am new to Teva sandals and I absolutely adore these platforms. I have super flat feet and need support with the sandals I wear. I walked around for 2 hours with these and had no issues.”

These faux leather sandals are another great option if you’re looking for a pair with adjustable straps. This one features a thong style with padded straps to prevent blisters and chafing so you can wear them comfortably all day. The ergonomic design includes orthotic arch support and a deep heel cup to help stave off discomfort associated with overpronation, bunions, plantar fasciitis, and other foot conditions. In addition to a thick, slip-resistant outsole, the foam footbed is texturized to keep your feet from sliding around.

Customer review: “Wow... take about comfort! You literally sink into the soft cushioned sole. I have flatfeet and usually with that amount of time wearing sandals I cannot wait to get them off. For the first time in years my feet or back did not hurt. I am going to buy all colors I can use in this brand of sandal!”

Slides aren’t always known for their support, but with this pair from Cushionaire, you can join in on the trend without sacrificing comfort. Perfectly named, these slides boast a 1.75-inch foam sole that really does feel like you’re walking on clouds. These soft and flexible sandals also have a molded cushion footbed for added support, and a non-slip outsole to prevent falls. They’re waterproof, too, which makes them the ideal pool or shower shoe.

Customer review: “So gooshy and bouncy and comfortable and amazing! I have plantar fasciitis so I can ONLY wear comfortable shoes. These are amazing and would also be good for ppl with bad knees!”

This pair of sandals from White Mountain combines the ease of a slide with the adjustability of a strappy sandal. Made with a sturdy, genuine leather upper, these feature a cork insole that molds to the shape of your feet with each wear, and the two buckles can be adjusted to achieve the perfect fit. They also feature a treaded rubber outsole for stability, and the insole is lined in buttery-soft suede. Some styles even feature a faux shearling lining to keep you warm (and let you get in on the furry slide trend).

Customer review: “I’m surprised at how much I love these! They are really nice quality for the price. It seems like they will last, but only time will tell! They don’t look or feel cheap [...] Also, I have wide, flat feet and they’re really comfortable. The arch support is there but not so much that it’s painful. I would definitely recommend these.”

Great for outdoor activities like low-impact hikes and water sports, these sandals are technologically designed to help maintain stability during movement, while a shock-absorbing foam midsole cushions the foot for added comfort. Surprisingly lightweight, these have three adjustable straps and a rubber outsole that adds extra grip, perfect for walking on any terrain. The nubuck leather and neoprene construction is breathable and waterproof to ensure ventilation. Plus, they come in an extensive range of unique colorways. These are on the pricier end of the spectrum, but they’re a gold standard for active sandals.

Customer review: “This is the fourth pair of The ECCO Yucatan Sandal that I have purchased over the past 10-15 years. I have flat, narrow feet with a shallow instep, back issues and a minor leg length discrepancy that makes wearing fashion sandals very difficult. I like the fit, the support, the durability of the sole and the style-goes with anything. These remain the most comfortable sandals I have ever owned and will continue to replace with the same sandal as long as they are available. They are worth every penny to me!”

These are another great pair of sport sandals if you’re looking for extra support while you enjoy outdoor activities. These lightweight, waterproof sandals have built-in arch support to help ease overpronation. The EVA “yoga mat” insoles are soft, flexible, and absorb impact to protect your feet and joints. Adjustable straps offer a customizable fit, and the strap at the back is thoughtfully padded to reduce blisters and chafing. Finally, a texturized sole prevents slippage, so you can confidently walk or hike on uneven terrain.

Customer review: “Seriously, one of the most [comfortable] and useful sandals I’ve ever purchased. The back strap has this cushion pad that feels amazing. I have flat feet and these amazingly have great support. [...] The sole is light and flexible and feels like my feet are on [firm] yet soft cushions. I will be ordering a few more pairs today!”

This pair of flip flops from Skechers are nothing like the flat rubber ones you’re used to. These feature the brand’s proprietary contoured, cushioned insole that makes every step extra comfortable. Plus, the soft, woven knit insole and strap elevate the sandal from your standard rubber style. These are even machine washable. Just be sure to use cold water, a gentle wash cycle, and air dry them.

Customer review: “The most comfortable sandals I ever owned. Perfect for my heels spur pain. Have wore this all weekend at the beach, walking miles, and [not] once my heels hurt.”

These flip flops from Rainbow are as comfortable as they are cute. The single-layer arch support is constructed of closed-cell memory foam that maintains its structure, no matter how many times you wear these shoes, while also molding to your foot’s natural contour for better support. They also feature a durable, non-slip rubber sole to prevent slipping, and feature a stylish braided strap detail. The straps and toe pieces are lined with leather to make them extra comfortable, and they’re double-stitched for longevity.

Customer review: “The arch support is incredible considering this is a flip flop. I have flat feet (fallen arches) and the support this flip flop offers is amazing. I can walk in them all day and my feet don’t get tired. Also, the braided strap is adorable!!!”


Dr. Jacqueline Sutera, DPM, board-certified podiatrist and Vionic Innovation Lab Member