The 5 Best Backyard Water Slides For Adults

When I was a kid, the benchmark of a great backyard was a water slide. Now that I’m an adult, that opinion has not changed. If you want the best backyard water slides for adults, look at the dimensions, material, and weight limits to make sure they will fit your space and accommodate the adults using them. You should also think about setup, inflatability, and if you’d like extra accessories such as body boards included.

Water slides are available in a variety of sizes; just make sure to check the dimensions of the slide and your available space before buying. Also, keep an eye on the weight limitations of the slide. Some water slides are made just for children, while others are suitable for children and adults, so I’ve included options below that can accommodate 180 pounds or more. When it comes to the material of water slides, look for PVC, nylon, or other heavy-duty plastics for durability and puncture resistance, plus reinforced stitching for extra protection.

Water slides come in a variety of styles. You can get an inflatable water slide, which may include water sprays, climbing walls, basketball hoops, and lounging pools to turn your backyard into a mini-water park. This option will typically be pricier and require more time to set up and take down. However, most of these kinds of slides will include an inflation pump to make it a little easier. Other water slides are installed on the ground and can feature sprinklers, crash pads at the end of the slide, side bumpers, or body boards for a smoother slide. These kinds of slides are more budget-friendly but might require a pump to inflate the bumpers and some setup to ensure they’re secure to the ground and that no sticks or rocks are in the way. And if you’ve got access to a pool or dock, you might like a water slide that attaches to the side so you can slide right into the water.

Whether your space is big or small, these are the best backyard water slides for adults on Amazon.

This inflatable water slide has the ability to transform your backyard. It has a climbing wall to go up the slide and a lounging pool at the bottom. You’ll need to hook it up to a hose for the built-in water sprayers to work, which will get the slide wet and fill in the pool. Inflation is quick with the included pump, and the slide is made of a durable, puncture-resistant, heavy-duty nylon with reinforced stitching and a weight limit of 350 pounds. One reviewer raves, “It's held up to multiple kids now and even a couple adults! Worth it. Very sturdy. Easy to set up as well as take down.”

Helpful Amazon review: “It folds up easily and the bag to store it in is plenty big. It is blown up inside of a couple minutes. The water for the sprayers barely needs to be on for it to have a good flow, so that's nice. Adults can also "play" too !!! Highly recommend!”

Dimensions: 12.4 x 17 x 7.8 feet | Pump Included: Yes | Weight Limit: 350 pounds

If you’re looking for a no-frills water slide that will cover your entire backyard, then this is the slide for you. It’s made of thick, specially formulated plastic with a UV-protected surface and spans 50 feet long and 10 feet wide, with fastener holes along the sides where you’ll secure it to the ground. Fasteners and stakes are included for setup, but reviewers report that the tape that holds the fasteners to the slide is not, so you might want to have some duct tape on hand. There are no sprinkler jets, but you can add your own or just keep the hose at the top of the slide and spray down occasionally. You can also provide your own inflatable body boards. The slide is also rated to withstand 256 pounds per square foot, and it’s 500 square feet total.

Helpful Amazon review: “I got this for my daughters graduation party, the kids and adults had a blast!! The next day we were all sore though. It is huge!! So make sure you have a big enough space for it. Have your sprinklers or hose running and add some soap and they are good to go!”

Dimensions: 50 x 10 feet | Pump Included: N/A | Weight Limit: None

This budget-friendly water slide features two lanes with inflatable bumpers to keep the water and people on the slide, plus sprinklers on the sides and middle and a crash pool at the end. It comes with two inflatable body boards that can help with a smoother slide, each with a weight limit of 180 pounds. Made of heavy-duty PVC, the slide is durable and has no weight limit but includes a repair kit just in case. It also includes fixing nails to attach it to the ground and an adapter to keep the hose attached and pumping water. However, reviewers report the adapter doesn’t fit on all hoses, and you will have to provide your own pump to inflate the bumpers.

Helpful Amazon review: “Fun for kids and adults. Used by 8, 14, and 39 year old. No major issues, although it wasn't easy to inflate without a pump [...] It didn't fully connect to our hose properly, water was spewing out at the connector despite being twisted all the way in, but it didn't affect the use. The water still came up super high out of the water holes. I imagine this will last all summer or longer. Lots of fun and seems durable.”

Dimensions: 20 x 6 feet | Pump Included: No | Weight Limit: None for slide, 180 pounds for body boards

Turn your backyard into its own water park with this deluxe inflatable water slide. All you need to do is attach a hose, and the spray heads will get the three water slides wet while filling up the lounging pool. The climbing wall makes it convenient to ascend the slide, and the water nozzle at the bottom provides some extra water sprays. If you’d like to add a game element, there’s a basketball hoop, but the balls are sold separately. The whole complex is made of puncture-resistant, heavy-duty nylon with reinforced stitching, and it has a weight limit of 468 pounds. A pump, stakes, and carrying case are included, so setup and storage are easy and convenient. The downside, reviewers report, is emptying, drying out, and taking down everything when not in use.

Helpful Amazon review: “Perfect water slide for kids and adults in your backyard. Was very easy to set up the pool area is larger than expected!!”

Dimensions: 18 x 15.8 x 10 feet | Pump Included: Yes | Weight Limit: 468 pounds

If your backyard includes a pool or a dock, adding an inflatable water slide can make it a little more fun. There are plastic handles near the inflatable side rails to help you climb over the slide, and with a 6-foot width, there’s potential room for adults to go down at the same time. This slide is made of heavy-duty PVC and contains grommets that allow it to attach to an inflatable walkway or to the posts of a dock. Unfortunately, anchor ropes aren’t included, and you’ll have to use your own pump. Reviewers report that any electric pump will work, like the kind you’d use for an air mattress or to blow up balloons, and advise placing the bottom of the slide 12 to 18 inches over the edge of the pool for a smooth descent into the water.

Helpful Amazon review: “The slide has built in foot holds and handles that make it easier to climb. Bonus is that 200lb adults were also able to climb up and use it too. Overall a sturdy float/slide. Would recommend.”

Dimensions: 9 x 7 x 4 feet | Pump Included: No | Weight Limit: 400 pounds, according to the brand website