Lupin Is Returning For Part 2 Sooner Than You Think

Update: Netflix has released a teaser for Lupin Part 2, confirming the show will return in summer 2021.

Earlier: Whatever cliffhanger comes at the end of Netflix's Lupin, fans can rest assured that more episodes are coming, as the French-language series' first season has been split into two parts. Usually the wait between Netflix seasons is about a year, but the release time for Lupin Part 2 will likely be much shorter. For example, Netflix's Unsolved Mysteries was also split into two parts and they aired just three months apart. If Lupin follows the same schedule, Part 2 could premiere as soon as April.

The series is based on the popular French character Arsène Lupin, a gentleman thief-turned detective created in 1905 by writer Maurice Leblanc. In the Netflix series, Omar Sy plays a version of that character named Assane Diop, who's determined to get revenge on the people who framed his late father for a major crime. Leblanc's writing also becomes a character throughout the series, as Diop is revealed to have been a fan of the Lupin books as a child, and there are references to places and people from the novels all over the Netflix show.

If Parts 1 and 2 of Lupin find an audience, the show could carry on indefinitely, as Leblanc wrote about Lupin's exploits in more than 60 of his short stories and crime novels, which could act as source material. Given that the show already getting rave reviews, its future on the streaming platform is looking good. Robert Daniels of called it "the first great television show of 2021" and praised its plot twists and engrossing puzzles as reasons the series becomes so addictive to watch. So even if you burn through the first set of episodes quickly, chances are the mystery will be back with more episodes before the year is out.