Lizzo Proved She’s Team Jeremiah During Her The Summer I Turned Pretty Review

If your perfect Fourth of July weekend includes relaxing indoors with a good movie or series, you’re not alone. In a series of TikToks, Lizzo revealed that she, too, spent the holiday streaming — and the title she chose was perfect for achieving those summer vibes. “OK, so I’m home all weekend, I have nothing to do but feel better, so I’m about to watch The Summer I Turned Pretty,” she said in her first video, on July 3. “Cause y’all hoes keep talking about it.”

True, we do keep talking about it! The breezy teen summer romance quickly became Prime Video’s No. 1 title after its June 17 premiere, and made The Summer I Turned Pretty trilogy’s books the site’s top three bestsellers, per Variety.

In her series of reviews (aptly titled “The Summer I Turned Litty”), Lizzo was surprised by how quickly the flirty action kicked into gear. “She is pulling pulling, and it’s five minutes into the movie,” she said, commenting on Belly’s interaction with a boy in the convenience store on her way to Cousins Beach. It wasn’t until moments later that the Grammy winner realized she was, in fact, watching a series — not a movie.

As for who she ships on the show, Lizzo wasn’t totally feeling the love between Belly and Conrad — “I’m not into this trope,” she said. “I think Colton just wants her attention,” — but did make a case for Team Jeremiah. “I don’t know what’s going on with my Jer Bear but I’m sticking beside him.”

She cheered when Belly and Jeremiah hooked up — “She’s about to smash her bestie!” — and celebrated when Belly told off Conrad moments later. “Too late, Colton.” (Such is Lizzo’s distaste for Conrad that she doesn’t actually use his real name very often.)

Lizzo also commented on the show’s iconic soundtrack, which includes Dua Lipa, Olivia Rodrigo, and Taylor Swift — lots of Taylor Swift. “The music budget was massive,” she said. Even series author Jenny Han was touched by the praise. “