Hey Pandas! Do You Have Any Advice On How To Get Over A Breakup?


First things first, make sure it's really over. You don't want to think twice about "what could've been." That doesn't mean that you have to stalk the other person, especially if they've said "no."

My advice would be to not obsess over the person, and invest time in yourself: go to a spa, or a gym, meet your friends, try to have a chill time with the people that are still around you, start an activity that you've always wanted to do, like arts and such. It's best to start regaining your confidence ASAP. Be aware that going on a bender isn't such a great idea at this sensitive time. You can do it, like, once at the very start of the breakup, but try not to make it a habit, as you'll trap yourself in a bigger hole.

Let yourself feel all of the emotions concerning it, don't try to block them out, but don't think too much about how the other person is feeling, or what you've done wrong since you'll just probably hurt yourself even more.

Let the time pass, only then you can start figuring things out, apply yourself, and correct the errors that you've made. That way, you'll have a better relationship than before, I can guarantee it.

After a while, like three months after, you can try to re-establish contact with the person you've broken up with, and try to make friends again, if you both want to, but don't rush it, as it will fan the feelings again, and it can become toxic.


Focus on YOU! Be outside, be with friends, read, exercise. There are SO many positive distractions. And tell yourself it’s ok to feel all the feels- it’s ok.


If you can afford it and look after him/her the way they deserve it, get a dog. They love unconditionally and are loyal trustworthy and make the best friends. You will never be lonely with a dog around and you will always have something wonderful to come home to. There is no love like a dog's love. Trust me, I know. They don't judge, blame, argue with you, chastise you, hurt you or betray you. They are always there for you and they are just the best friend ever. I could easily live with out a partner in my life but I could NEVER live without a dog.


Hide. My ex hated me from the second I broke up with him and I had to switch schools and move away before I could get on with my life. I'm only in junior high and I've already had to deal with this.


Make sure you can still attempt to be friends with them, don't tear them out of your life right away, it'll only make things worse. look at other love interests. most importantly, TAKE A BREAK FOR A LONG TIME. jumping right into a relationship is the worst thing you can do after a breakup, trust me.


Do something that makes you happy


Someone once told me that a great way to let go of your pain is to write a few letters to your ex and then burn them.
I did that and I definitely feel much better but I'm wondering...
Do I keep the letters or throw them away?


Learn from it. Reflect, think about why things went wrong, it might've been you it might've been your ex-partner. But learn from it and take that into your next relationship.


its going to be hard at first but your friends will always be there to help you [but if you need somebody you dont know to talk to we will be here] next get rid of like clothes from the past realationship change your sheets so they dont smell like the person, next block them on all socail media so you arent tempted to talk to them take as much time as you need to relax and fiigure out how to love yourself [you could get a dog to help get rip of anxiety and depression, thats what i did just having something to take care of helped me alot] good luck and use this info well, love you!


if you guys break up its because the other person doesn't deserve you and that you are to awsome to handle