Hallmark Is Releasing Its First-Ever Queer Christmas Film

This year, Hallmark is unleashing 23 new holiday movies upon the masses — yes, 23 — and each one is filled with more Christmas cheer and holiday hookups than the last. You want films with punny titles that play on Christmas carols? Done. Movies about finding love in a small town over the holidays? Naturally. How about a flick about a magical carousel that sends one of the Mowry twins back in time? Uh, sure. Hallmark has all of these and a lot more, so take a look below to see their most exciting new holiday movies along with a list of when all 23 are premiering on the Hallmark channel.

Christmas in a beautiful European city is always more romantic, right? And that should be especially true for this film about a concert violinist who finds holiday love in Austria.

This wacky time-travel romance sees a 1903 aristocrat travel to 2020, where he celebrates Christmas (sans coronavirus) and falls for the tour guide of what used to be his estate.

Sure, you've seen a million versions of A Christmas Carol. But have you ever seen one that stars Wynonna Judd as a gender-swapped, countrified Jacob Marley? Didn't think so!

Two big-city TV hosts who despise each other (one of whom is played by Days of Our Lives legend Alison Sweeney) have to spend Christmas together in a small town, where they discover... you can see where this is going.

Sadly, this is not a Murder, She Wrote spinoff, but it's nearly as good. The Wonder Years' Danica McKellar stars as a romance columnist who falls for the man who canceled her column. Getting some serious You've Got Mail vibes with this one.

Two former schoolmates (rom-com fave Rachael Leigh Cook and country-set holiday movie vet Greyston Holt) become trapped in a snowstorm while traveling to their hometown and must work together to make it there in time for Christmas. Like Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, but slightly more romantic.

Finally, some royal romance action. A regular ol' American gal is contracted to help the Prince of Marcadia (ok) rebuild a carousel in time for Christmas. Sounds like Marcadia is getting a new princess!

Tamera Mowry-Housley plays a woman who gets a second chance at finding holiday love after a carousel sends her back in time five years in a film that combines Hallmark's two big themes for this year: time travel and carousels.

Mean Girls actor Jonathan Bennett stars in Hallmark's first-ever LGBTQ holiday film, following a gay couple looking to adopt their first child.

You're probably sick of Christmas movies by now, so how about that rarest of birds: a Hanukkah movie! This one is about a woman who finds out she's Jewish on a DNA test and subsequently has an eight-night romance with Ben Savage from Boy Meets World.

Here's the 2020 release schedule for Hallmark's holiday movies: