Google has four tips for staying healthy in 2021 – Latest News

Stay Motivated “It’s one thing to kick off a new routine, but it’s quite another to stick with it,” said Kapil Parakh, Medical Lead, Google Fit in a blog post. Google says that in order to remain motivated is to “commit to a new healthy habit is to make it social and fun.” Sharing your workouts with friends and family helps keep you accountable to your goals, said Parakh in the blog. Apple Watch has a feature of sharing workout goals, targets met and so does Google Fit app. Invest in rest Google wants you to get enough rest and as Parakh puts it, “If you aren’t well-rested, it’s hard to do anything else.” Getting adequate sleep is a significant part of maintaining your health, as per Google. There are a number of sleep tracking apps around that can help you keep track of your sleeping habits. Apple, Samsung smartwatches have it in-built where as Google Fit to can connect with sleep apps to monitor sleep data. Making every move count A lot of people have an aversion to going to the gym for multitude of reasons, which is why Google says that brisk walking is a good option. Or any other form of exercise which can be used to track activity through a fitness band or smartwatches. Apple has its iconic ‘three rings’ whereas Google gives you Heart Points to keep a track of how well you’ve done in an attempt to keep fit. Measure those calories, steps and more The American Heart Association and the World Health Organization recommend getting at least 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity per week to improve your chances of getting better sleep and having more energy, as well as lowering your risk of diabetes and heart disease, as per Google. This is where keeping a track through Apple’s ‘rings’ or Heart Points from Google comes in handy.