Drew Barrymore & Jessica Alba Reunite After Never Been Kissed

Drew Barrymore isn’t Josie Grossie anymore, but that doesn’t mean she’s forgotten her former co-star. 

The daytime talk show newcomer kicked off the week with a guest that’s bound to spark some major nostalgia for Never Been Kissed fans: none other than on-screen Disco Barbie and off-screen Honest Company mogul Jessica Alba. 

“It’s been almost 22 years. I think it has been 22 years since Never Been Kissed,” Barrymore said as her virtual interview with Alba kicked off. To fact-check the host, April 9 marked the 21st anniversary of the beloved 1999 rom-com, which starred Barrymore and was the first production out of her Flower Films company.

If you’ve never seen the film—or could simply use a refresher after two decades—the movie centered on a young, reserved copy editor who tackles her first assignment as an undercover reporter tasked to pose as a high school student. Back in class, she has to befriend the popular crowd, which was filled with now-familiar faces like Alba and James Franco. However, at the time, it was Franco’s first film role and Alba’s third. 

As Alba recalled to Barrymore, “I had my 17th birthday on the set.”