39 Things Fitness Enthusiasts Swear By On Amazon

If there's any one word that should make its way into every discussion about fitness, it's this one: "Bio-individuality." It means that all bodies have differences in cell structures, nutritional needs, metabolism, and anatomy. In other words, no two people are exactly alike, and what works for someone else might not work for you. That's why it's so impressive when fitness products have thousands of glowing reviews — especially on Amazon.

More so than most online retailers, reviewers on Amazon are brutally honest. If something doesn't suit their body or their needs, they'll be the first to let you know. Pair that with the whole bio-individuality concept and the unwarranted hype that typically accompanies weird, trending fitness products, and it becomes pretty easy to sort out the things that probably aren't worth your time.

On the other hand, when a health or fitness item passes all those criteria with flying colors, it's likely for a reason. And yet another benefit when you're shopping on Amazon: The selection is massive, so no matter your lifestyle or preferred workout activities, you can find something that actually helps you reach your fitness goals — no matter what they may look like for you. Now if that's not bio-individuality, I don't know what is.

The Cryosphere Massage Ball is skyrocketing into popularity because it's an easy, self-sufficient way to soothe sore muscles, work out knots, and reduce inflammation after a workout. The temperature-retaining sphere rolls effortlessly inside the handheld holder, and it even pops out for storage in the freezer. Reviewers said things like, "This will change your life," and "One of the most fantastic things I've ever purchased from Amazon."

Whether they're jogging after dinner, walking the dog at night, or biking to work in the morning, this illuminated vest has helped thousands of buyers stay safe in the dark. It combines a reflective belt with flexible fiber-optic cables that either remain on one of six color options or flash through all of them. That way, cars can see you from any angle and from a much further distance.

What's better than a pair of comfortable, stretchy, squat-proof leggings for a great price? Three pairs. These cult-favorite yoga pants from SYRINX come in budget-friendly multi-packs of all different colors, and buyers say they're easily the "best leggings" they've ever owned.

Spar without a partner thanks to the TEKXYZ boxing reflex ball. The adjustable headband fits all different sizes, while the two included balls have different bounce levels, which offers options for both novices and experts. This set helps with agility, reaction time, hand-eye coordination, and cardio, and even non-boxers say it's "fun and practical."

Nearly 12,000 reviewers prove you don't need to shell out tons of money to monitor your fitness. The AmazFit Tracker costs less than $40, but it offers all the must-have features: long battery life, water-resistance, heart-rate, sleep monitoring, steps, distance, calories, and more. You can even get it in three different colors — no wonder it's so popular.

According to reviewers, these are "great for athletes who don't want to be uncomfortable with an actual wedding band." The ROQ ring is available in tons of sizes and finishes (some of which look like real silver), but it's made from hypoallergenic, medical-grade silicone, so it's flexible, comfortable, and safe to wear during physical activity.

It's so rare to find a higher-priced workout machine with near-perfect ratings, but buyers have only incredible things to say about the LifePro Waver. Due to the vibrating oscillation, this machine works every muscle in your body — even during fast, low-impact workouts. It has a remote control and on-device buttons to choose between 10 speeds, and it comes with free loop handles, resistance bands, and access to bonus workout videos. "No other exercise can do what this machine does," one buyer said, while another wrote, "An absolute game changer!"

Maximize the benefits of your push-ups with the Power Press system. This sturdy board comes with two handles that you can arrange in 14 preset positions, and they're color-coded so you know whether you're engaging your shoulders, chest, back, or triceps. It even comes with a 10-week workout calendar, and reviewers say it "teaches you proper form and posture" in the process.

No matter what sport or fitness activity you're into, we can all agree — laces just get in the way. Lock Laces, on the other hand, add personalized tension and slip-on convenience to any pair of shoes. The elastic system fits feet of all sizes, and the 12 color options can blend in or stand out.

These MIRITY bras combine a traditional bra shape with molded cups and four-way stretch fabric. As a result, they shape, lift, and minimize bounce — without underwire and without crushing your chest like typical sports bras. "I have searched for years to find a comfortable bra for exercise (or otherwise). Sports bras smash me flat and are hard to put on and take off," one reviewer wrote, but this three-pack is "perfect."

Searching endlessly for the ideal fitness journal? According to reviewers who have given it a collective 4.8-star rating, this one comes pretty darn close. The NewMe journal has goal-setting prompts, daily fitness break-downs, weekly progress charts, monthly calendar planners, and full-body graphics, all of which are designed to help you reach your specific fitness goals and track your progress along the way.

While collagen peptides are widely used to strengthen hair, encourage nail growth, and brighten skin, they're also a favorite among fitness enthusiasts for post-workout recovery. This powder from Vital Proteins combines grass-fed, pasture-raised sources with digestive enzymes to improve absorption, and the unflavored mixture easily blends into water, coffee, smoothies, and recipes.

Some people implement this board into their daily workout — while others use it at their standing desks to engage their core while they answer e-mails. Either way, the hardwood and rubber design encourages balance, which then engages muscles all over the body. The non-slip bottom keeps it secure on any floor, and the textured top acts as a massaging anti-fatigue surface for your feet.

On the inside, this top-rated foam roller has a solid core to support any part of the body. On the outside, it has textured, medium-density foam, which stimulates pressure points and encourages myofascial release after a workout. It weights less than a pound and stores easily thanks to its compact shape — plus it's available in tons of awesome solid colors as well as a few marbleized patterns.

Get your heart pumping while you're at a computer, reading a book, or watching a Netflix show. The SANXIA portable exercise bike measures 1 foot tall so you can tuck it away under a desk, and the adjustable resistance knob and strap-equipped pedals make it easy to customize your workout.

Imagine if you could turn your gym's faucet water into clean, fresh-tasting hydration. This bottle from Brita has double-wall insulation to preserve the temperature, a push-button lid with an enclosed straw, and a carrying loop for easy transporting. The best part, however, is the built-in filter that removes chlorine and unwanted tap-water tastes while you sip.

Sometimes simplicity is the key to a great fitness routine — but simple equipment shouldn't have to break the bank. These hex dumbbells from AmazonBasics come in nine weight options from 10 pounds to 50, and all of them are under $60. They have a solid cast-iron core wrapped in rubber for protection and non-slip security. Best of all, buyers say you "can't beat the quality and price."

From those who do floor exercises to those who practice MMA and gymnastics, reviewers are "beyond thrilled" with this tri-fold mat from BalanceFrom. It's constructed with 2-inches of high-density foam, which cushions your joints and absorbs shock during your workout, and the puncture-resistant vinyl wipes clean afterwards. Best of all, however, it folds up into an easy-to-store square, complete with carrying handles.

Going straight from work to the gym? This weekender duffel from BLUBOON has a stylish canvas exterior with genuine leather finishes, so it'll blend right in at the office. That said, the roomy interior, well-made fabric, trusty zippers, and separate shoe compartment have buyers raving: "Love love love this bag, plenty of pockets and places to keep all my gym equipment." Buy it in 12 patterns, from all-black to bright floral.

While this ring was originally designed for Pilates, it's shockingly versatile. Thanks to the padded grips and high-tension material, you can use it to work your legs, thighs, arms, or core during an established exercise routine or while sitting at your desk. Get it in your choice of four colors.

No matter how they choose to move, thousands of reviewers trust these TechWare Pro ankle sleeves to reduce inflammation, support their arches, and reduce pain from sprains, plantar fasciitis, and tendinitis. The secret is the special compression fabric (available in eight colors), which boosts blood flow while simultaneously remaining breathable and moisture-wicking.

With its single-lever design, this barbell clamp effortlessly clips onto any standard 2-inch Olympic bar to keep the weights from sliding. It's easy to bring along in your gym bag, and reviewers call it the "best addition to [their] workout routine in 10 years" because they "HATE monkeying around with spring loaded or screw down clamps." It even comes in 11 color options.

"This has got to be the best jump rope I've ever used," one buyer raved about the DEGOL skipping rope. "It's fast, inexpensive and easily adjustable." In addition to the PVC-coated steel rope that extends up to 9 feet, it also has 6-inch memory foam handles and a ball-bearing system for balanced, friction-resistant rotation.

Like most ab rollers, this one has comfortable, sturdy handles and a non-slip design — but unlike others, this ab roller set has a wide wheel for stability, plus two resistance bands that can be used for a range of exercises. This set also comes with a foam knee pad and push-up handles, too.

"This strap is everything!" one reviewer raved — and thousands of others agree. Thanks to the durable woven nylon and 10 individual loops, the Stretch Out Strap allows people of all different flexibility levels to stretch with improved control. Reviewers range from physical therapy patients to registered yoga teachers, and they're all seemingly thrilled with this must-have accessory.

Whether they're using it for marathons, hot yoga classes, or hiking in 90-degree weather, the Tough Outdoors cooling towel has reviewers saying: "Amazing!" Even though it's extremely lightweight and compact, it uses a rapid-evaporation fabric to create an instant cooling effect. It's also available in tons of colors, comes with a portable pouch, and provides UV protection.

Designed especially for the legs and thighs, these resistance bands are made from stretchy performance fabric and have special inner grips to keep them in place during your leg or butt workout. They come in four color-coded intensity levels, and each purchase includes home exercise resources, too.

While it was originally designed for plumbers, electricians, and floorers, the CLC Custom Leathercraft kneeling pad offers such superior shock-absorption, fitness enthusiasts have started to notice. The dense foam cushioning and built-in handle also make it great for yoga, ab rolling, Pilates, and any other floor exercises you incorporate into your routine.

What makes the URBNFit exercise ball so special? For one, it's made from a durable PVC material that can support up to 600 pounds without bursting. For another, it comes with a quick-inflation pump, and finally, it's available in five sizes and 11 colors. Buyers have used it for ab workouts, cardio drumming, yoga routines, active desk-sitting, and even birthing.

The ZOMAKE packable backpack is a favorite among avid travelers, but it's a great option for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts, too. That's because, when you don't need it, it folds into a palm-sized pouch, but when you do need it, it quickly transforms into a water- and tear-resistant bag with a 20-liter storage capacity.

"I use this as a casual check a few times a week, just to check in on my resting heart rate or my heart rate after a hard workout," one reviewer wrote. "Turn it on, give it a minute to read your pulse, and your stats appear on the screen in an easy to read format." The CHOICEMMED Oximeter is also battery-operated for portability and accommodates a wide range of finger sizes thanks to the versatile silicone clip.

The Gaiam reversible yoga mat has a 4.5-star rating and over 1,400 reviews for several reasons: For one, it's thick, sticky, and durable to provide comfortable traction during all kinds of workouts. For another, it's available in dozens of eye-catching patterns and it comes with a free downloadable yoga workout. Last but not least, despite the high quality, it costs just $35 on Amazon.

Forget running belts — or worse: tucking your phone into your waistband. This sports bra has a roomy pocket between the racerback straps, not to mention cable holes for your headphone wires. It's available in a variety of colors, has removable pads, and is woven from a stretchy, breathable material. And if for some reason you don’t need a phone pocket, there are standard styles available too.

You should never have to choose between headphones and ear warmth. This Bluetooth beanie from FULLLIGHT TECH plays your music (or podcasts) directly into your ears while you run or hike — and it's made from a warm, double-knit fabric. The battery lasts for up to 20 hours when fully charged, and buyers say the upgraded HD speakers "sound great."

Fitness, hydration, and nutrition enthusiasts love the "unlimited options" provided by this Brimma fruit infuser bottle. Simply slice up your favorite fruit and place it inside the infusion chamber; within minutes, your water will absorb the nutrients and refreshing taste. The bottle itself is BPA-free, dishwasher-safe, and made with a leak-resistant, easy-sip lid.

If you like to workout outside, inclement weather likely gets in the way when the temperatures drop. Luckily, Yaktrax cleats have helped thousands of buyers to walk, jog, and hike safely despite snow and ice. The elastic band and steel coils wrap around most shoes to provide extra traction, and they slip off with ease when it's time to switch pairs.

Yes, the UpCircleSeven yoga wheel helps yogis to deepen their back bends and reach new poses, but even non-yogis can benefit: "Around 2017, I hurt my chest (sternum area) lifting weights," one reviewer wrote. "This is the best product I have found for helping stretch my chest out and it also just so happens to do wonders on my back!" The interior is made from a strong PVC, while the exterior rubber padding provides cushioning and non-slip stability. Get it in 10 color options.

The crisscross straps keep them securely anchored on your feet, the combed cotton is comfortable and breathable, and the silicone gel grips ensure stability on hardwood or tile floors. No wonder these Ozaiic socks have over 2,000 reviews. They come in multi-packs of all different colors, and the stretchy fabric is designed to fit women's sizes 5.5 through 11.

"Best bench/deck I could ask for! So many different ways to use it," one reviewer raved, and there are hundreds more where that came from. The Escape Fitness deck has folding adjustable legs, 16 inclining ramp configurations, resistance tube channels, interior storage, and an anti-slip top. As a result, you can use it for lifting, stretching, cardio, and everything in between.

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