40 Cringe-Worthy Mistakes You Don't Realize Are Making Your Home Look Ugly

Perhaps the realization happened when your best friend came over and visibly winced at the thought of sitting on your fur-laden sofa. If it took your mother to remind you that tossing dirty laundry in a corner is seriously bringing down the appeal of your bedroom, you need this list of 40 cringe-worthy mistakes you don’t realize are making your home look ugly – with practical and affordable solutions for each and every one of them.

A stylish laundry hamper that folds flat and has long handles for portability is all you need to combat the dirty-clothes-in-a-corner conundrum. A two-tier turntable will get your condiments in order, while a wall-mounted spice rack frees up major counter space. And it couldn’t be easier to make that sofa look as inviting as ever by giving it the once over with an efficient pet hair remover that’s so popular it boasts a cult following.

Consider this list your roadmap to a cleaner, neater, and more stylish home.

These amazingly versatile glass food storage containers will have your fridge looking totally organized in no time flat. They come in a set of 12 glass containers and 12 BPA-free plastic hinged lids that lock to create an airtight seal. The containers are available in round, square, and rectangular shapes in addition to a variety of sizes so you’ll be able to store items in their own perfectly suited container. Use these in the fridge, freezer, oven, or microwave, and toss them in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Once you place your cables in these clever cable clips you’ll never again have to search through a mess of cords to find the end of that charging cable. These clips come in a pack of three different sizes and have an adhesive backing so you can place them wherever you need them (like on your bedside table or desk) and conveniently access your cables. They’re made of soft silicone and each cord sits snugly and securely within each provided slot.

Taking a closer look at that nasty and previously disregarded tile grout may make you recoil, but this grout pen will have it looking as fresh as ever without hours and hours of scrubbing. Choose between a narrow or wide tip, pump the pen to saturate it with paint, then simply apply it to the grout. The non-toxic and water-based formula will have that discolored grout looking bright and fresh as if your bathroom was just recently redone.

Instead of a bunch of usual powerstrips cluttering up floor space, opt for this minimal-profile power strip that plugs right into the wall. It features five outlets as well as three USB-A ports and one USB-C port. A surge protector prevents short-circuiting, in addition to providing over-current, over-voltage, and over-temperature protection. A fireproof shell offers further safety while keeping all your cords neatly plugged in with no floor mess to be found.

Instantly make your kitchen look that much more put together by getting this dish drying rack that provides you with two tiers for extra drying power. It comes with two detachable water trays to keep your countertop dry and has space to dry plates, bowls, cups, and glasses. A caddy on the side is designed with space to store knives, cutlery, and kitchen utensils, while the other side features a removable cutting board holder.

That pile of clothes you’re going to put away just as soon as you find a proper place for them? Fast forward a year later and they’re still there making your bedroom look seriously disheveled. Do yourself a favor and get these underbed storage bags that come in a pack of two and can be used to store anything from clothing to shoes to linens. They include a transparent cover so you can see what’s inside and slipping under the bed allows you to take advantage of that crucial storage space to get your bedroom looking tidy.

This multi-purpose hanging closet organizer will tidy up that closet floor in no time as it can store anything from shoes to sweaters to accessories. It comes with five shelves for clothing or shoes as well as six mesh pockets to store accessories such as purses, hats, jewelry, or scarves. It hangs on your closet garment rod from two sturdy stainless steel hooks and can handle up to 15 pounds of weight.

Turn that disorganized pantry into a thing of beauty by using these food storage containers that come in a set of 12 and include their very own customizable labels. They’re made of BPA-free and food-grade plastic, feature leakproof and airtight lids, and are dishwasher-safe. Stack them one on top of another to save valuable space and use the included pen and 24 reusable label stickers to identify the contents.

Keep water bottles or beverages neatly and easily accessible with this water bottle organizer that stores bottles horizontally. Each set comes with two organizers that you can stack to store a total of six bottles. They’re made of clear and sturdy plastic and can be used anywhere from the pantry to the fridge to the counter for instant and effortless access.

Storing all those small and precious items can be so much more elegant if simply spread them out between two well-designed shelves. These rustic wood floating shelves come in a charming geometric style to give your home a perfect and aesthetically pleasing storage solution. They mount easily with the help of included hardware and are sturdy yet lightweight to be able to display any number of objects.

Keep blankets, coats, sweaters, shirts, or any other seasonal items safely stored throughout the year with these vacuum seal storage bags that create a completely airtight seal. They use a double-sealed zipper and feature a plastic valve that can be used with any vacuum to seal your items securely. As a bonus, larger items will take up far less room, leaving you with ample space for more storage.

You’ll never again have to deal with the eyesore of a cabinet full of floating plastic bags. This plastic bag saver mounts to your wall or the inside of a cabinet to cleanly contain and store them all. It’s made of brushed stainless steel for an elegant look and allows you to easily and quickly grab a bag from the conveniently large dispenser.

These velvet hangers will keep tons of skirts and pants tidily stored, thanks to their slim profile and sturdy metal clips. They come in eight different colors to suit your closet aesthetic and can each handle up to 7 pounds of weight. The adjustable clips can be moved to properly hang any number of clothing and won’t cause wrinkling or creasing in the wrong places. As a plus, the velvet lining also helps to store blouses and shirts by preventing them from falling to the closet floor.

Instead of walking in your front door to the sight of slouchy knee-high boots, store those tall boots easily and neatly with these boot storage boxes. They come in a pack of five and have ventilation holes that keep boots free of moisture. When not in use, simply fold the clear plastic boxes down flat and easily store them.

This tufted ottoman will not only act as extra seating but is also able to store whatever clutter you have hanging around. It’s constructed of waterproof faux leather and comes in elegant black with handles on either side for easy carrying. When not needed, it easily collapses flat to be conveniently put away.

Instead of allowing every tube of makeup and every makeup tool to take up precious square footage on your dresser top, use this cosmetic organizer to keep everything neatly contained. It’s made of clear and durable acrylic and features nine separate compartments of varying sizes that fit all kinds of makeup and brushes. Wipe it down periodically with warm water and soap to keep it looking as good as new.

If reaching under your sink to try and find the extra dish soap causes you to cringe, you need this mesh organizer basket that will keep all your supplies neatly together. Handles on either side help to easily take out the basket and move it, which is especially helpful if you need to transport all your cleaning products to another room. On top of cleaning supplies, use it to store pantry items, fruits, vegetables, or bathroom products.

If myriad spices are creating pure chaos in your cabinets or on your counter, these mesh spice racks will bring organization to your space. They mount to the wall using the included hardware and hold spice jars up to 3.25 inches in diameter. The racks are made of a scratch-resistant steel wire mesh and, depending on the size of your jars, you can store up to 12 bottles on each rack.

You may have never noticed how dirty your TV screen has become, but after you’ve used these lens cleaning wipes to clean it, you’ll realize how much nicer they can make your home look. The wipes are pre-moistened with an ammonia-free formula and low saturation of isopropyl alcohol (39.5%). This accounts for a streak-free finish that’s safe enough to be used on special lenses and coated glass surfaces. LCD displays will be crystal clear with one swift wipe.

Keep your grill in fighting fit shape for all those last-minute “why don’t we grill?” moments using this durable grill brush. It has rust-free stainless steel bristles that will not scratch your grill or leave any marks and includes a scraper with grate grooves to deal with tough residue. Use this brush on any kind of grill whether it be cast iron, stainless steel, or porcelain.

When you find unsightly holes in your drywall after having moved that painting around one too many times, turn to this high-strength spackling compound that’s primer-enhanced. It won’t shrink or crack and is lightweight, yet can hold screws and nails securely after application. Use it on holes up to 3 inches in diameter and that wall will look brand new in no time.

Having a place to contain dirty clothing can do wonders to make a bedroom look picked up. This stylish, freestanding laundry hamper comes in a cute striped design that’s available in three colors (gray, blue, and pink) and is designed with extended handles to help carry it to-and-from the laundromat or laundry room. It’s constructed of a thick polyester with an inner waterproof coating and the whole thing can be collapsed down flat for easy storage.

These solar lights that come in a pack of four brighten up dark spaces by using a motion sensor to turn them on and off. They charge by the light of the sun, require no maintenance, and lack wires that might make installation difficult. They cast a wide angle of powerful light and are built to withstand all kinds of weather from rain and frost to hot temperatures.

If your Tupperware cabinet is so disordered it makes you feel like you’re hiding a dirty secret, this lid organizer that will make you feel proud to expose your cabinets. It comes with five adjustable dividers and can accommodate lids of all sizes ranging up to 9 inches wide. It’s designed to fit standard cabinets and comes in several different sizes from small to medium to one that features especially tall dividers.

A clean desk surface can make your home look that much neater (not to mention do wonders for your productivity). This under-table drawer comes in a set of two, uses strong adhesive to stick to the underside of your desk, and opens by way of a small handle. It’s a perfect solution for those surfaces that have no drawer space as it keeps the desktop clutter-free while providing customizable storage below. Choose from gray, white, or a combination of both.

This drawer organizer will give you immense pleasure every time you require a whisk or some cutlery on the fly. It contains three larger compartments perfect for stacking kitchen utensils and five smaller ones cleverly designed for each piece of cutlery. There are even small symbols next to each compartment of a knife or a fork, for example, to designate where each should be stored so there’s no confusion.

There’s no reason that lighting decor can’t also pull weight in the tech department. This chic and multi-purpose table lamp has two A/C outlets and three USB charging ports integrated into its wooden base. It also features a phone stand organizer that can fit up to three phones, so they can sit pretty and look orderly while being charged.

Those chaotic cabinets can be put right immediately with the use of this two-tier turntable that easily lets you see what you have on hand with the flick of the wrist. The top tier features three adjustable heights (5, 6, or 7 inches) so you can fit taller or shorter items as needed within the confines of your cabinet dimensions. A non-slip bottom keeps the turntable in place no matter how much spinning is required.

Feel like a bonafide organization wiz when you effortlessly reach for the pan you need from this pot and pan organizer. Install it horizontally or vertically to hold up to five pans. It comes in three finishes (bronze, chrome, and silver) and you can even use it to store other items such as baking pans or cutting boards.

Since curtains and drapes take up quite a bit of visual space, taking care of any wrinkles can seriously improve the look of your home. This small and portable handheld steamer heats up in under one minute and can be used on all kinds of fabric. It distributes powerful steam evenly and gets rid of wrinkles while sterilizing and neutralizing unpleasant odors.

Instantly (and cheaply) elevate your living room in ways you didn’t think were possible with the simple addition of these velvet pillow covers. They come in 10 sizes and are available in beautiful colors such as gold, teal, or rose red (which can be combined for a vibrant look). The covers feature an elegantly hidden zipper and have over 65,000 reviews on Amazon with a high 4.6-star rating.

It might look kind of punk in a cool vintage way, but, once repaired, that formerly torn-up leather sofa will have every one of your friends drooling with envy. This leather and vinyl repair kit includes color repair compounds, a spatula, brush, mixing jar, and backing fabric — basically, everything you need to get the job done right. The kit even comes with additional resources such as a repair book, instructional videos, and personalized advice.

Prevent noisy slamming and protect hinges at the same time by applying these bumper pads to cabinet doors. They’re made of rubber in a circular shape to dampen noise and use 3M adhesive to stick to the place where cabinet doors make contact. These pads barely take up any room, are transparent, and come in a pack of 200.

There’s nothing as depressing as seeing what would otherwise be considered a stylish sofa torn to shreds by your pet. Prevent this unfortunate scenario from taking place by applying these cat scratch deterrent shields to your upholstery. Cut it to your required size, peel off the adhesive backing, and apply it to your furniture. Its clear material won’t draw attention and will teach your cat some important boundaries.

Amp up your property’s attractiveness easily and affordably with these decorative garage door accents that require zero effort because they’re magnetic. They come in a set of four larger hinges and two smaller ones and add a serious dose of charm to any garage door. They’re made of UV and weather-resistant material that promises to last through all seasons.

Sometimes it’s those small details that can really take away from a space looking its best, and chipped tiles in the bathroom are a perfect example. This tile repair kit comes with every tool you need to fix those cracks or chips in porcelain, ceramic, or granite tiles. Every kit includes putty, lacquer, a graining cotton swab, a brush, a mixing spatula, a bowl, and a board, as well as plenty of color tints to create a perfectly matched shade. The formula is completely non-toxic and there’s even an eBook to give you step-by-step directions.

These sleek and chic drawer pulls will immediately give your kitchen the facelift it’s been craving. The design works well with both modern and rustic decor and each handle measures 5 inches across for a comfortable grip. They’re durable, install easily, and come in three finishes: a classic matte black, brushed brass, and satin nickel.

If guests are doing a subtle recoil at the idea of sitting on your furniture that you’ve neglected to notice is covered in pet hair, grab this extremely popular and effective pet hair remover that has over 111,000 reviews on Amazon. Instead of relying on batteries or sticky tape, it utilizes static electricity to pick up every errant hair that is then deposited into a small receptacle. Simply dump the collected hair into the trash and it’s ready to go for the next shedding fest.

Keep your dining, coffee, and side tables looking as good as possible with these hexagonal coasters that are made of waterproof silicone. They come in a set of six and are available in seven gorgeous color palettes such as one called “Joshua Tree,” which includes earth-toned desert shades. The non-slip coasters are conveniently dishwasher-safe, but the greatest thing about them is that they feature ridges in the design that catches moisture — so they will never stick to the bottom of your cups.

Protect expensive hardwood floors for years to come by slipping these chair leg floor protectors on the feet of your chairs and tables. They’re made of soft and flexible silicone and feature a thick felt underneath that won’t scratch flooring and dampens noise. Each pack comes with 16 protectors that work with both circular or square table and chair feet. Choose between a transparent or a walnut brown finish.