46 Cheap, Dorky Things SO Many People Are Obsessed With

If you’re a fan of quirky products, Amazon is a great place to start your search. The online retailer boasts tons of cheap, dorky things that people are obsessed with — and I’ve rounded up some of the very best options out there. And while these products may be dorky, especially at first glance, they’re all practical in some way and they’re all reasonably priced.

Dorkiness is subjective, but I focused on items that reviewers have confirmed are super fun and slightly (or in some cases, very) quirky. They span everything from kitchen tools inspired by popular movies and TV shows to useful tech and gadgets for gaming. You’ll also find a ton of products that tug at the nostalgia heartstrings and remind you of bygone days. Whether you’re looking for an easy laugh or a feel-good product, there’s sure to be something for you to delight in.

The best part is that all of these products are relatively budget-friendly — everything on this list is under $50. Because at the end of the day, finding something that puts a smile on your face or makes your day a little brighter shouldn’t be unaffordable. Scroll down to see all the cheap, dorky things I’ve rounded up.

Get a good chuckle every time you reach for something in the fridge with these cute cat butt magnets. Each pack comes with six magnets featuring all kinds of domestic kitties. One reviewer concisely summarized: “They are well made, look like perfect little [cat] butts, and the magnets stick well too.”

The Taco vs Burrito card game started out as a Kickstarter campaign that blew its original goal out of the water. In this game, which has racked up more than 10,300 ratings on Amazon, two to four players compete to build the wackiest burrito or taco. Was this game invented by a kid? It sure was. Can you get sucked into the silliness as an adult? According to reviewers, you sure can. Plus, each game only lasts about 15 minutes.

No need to settle for boring ice cubes when you can have ones inspired by the contiguous United States. Just fill the compartments of the silicone tray with water (or whatever else you’re in the mood to freeze), pop it in the freezer, and enjoy your chilled treat. And if you’re not into this particular design, you can snag versions that make ice cubes shaped like diamonds, ducks, fish, and snowflakes.

These customizable socks are a perfect gag gift that the recipient will be happy to wear all the time. Just upload a hi-res picture of whoever you want to appear on the socks, and Printualist will do the rest. “What a great gift,” one reviewer wrote. “Colors and picture are perfect.” Animal lovers out there, you can also upload photos of dogs and cats.

With more than 13,000 ratings on Amazon to date, this toilet night light seems like a safe bet. One reviewer wrote, “We bought it ages ago and are still using it for a light when we make a nightly trip to the bathroom. Love it.” Another fan described it as “a must have for in the middle of the night and when you don’t want to blind yourself with the overhead lights.”

If you’re a cat person, you might appreciate this What On Earth ice cube tray. It’s made of flexible silicone and makes cat-shaped ice cubes in nine different poses at a time. And despite the little details, the cubes actually come out intact — according to one reviewer, “I was worried the tails or legs would break off but they don't because the tray is silicon so you can carefully remove them.”

I honestly can’t believe that Brainstream pasta timer is a real thing, but now I’m obsessed and can’t wait to get one. Reviewers have confirmed that it actually does sing different songs depending on how long it’s in the hot water, so you’ll know when to take your pasta out. According to one reviewer, “Oh my goodness it's adorable. Just makes you smile.” Another five-star review reads: “Love it! Not a cheap piece of plastic! Plays all the listed songs with a nice melody! I enjoy it while I cook!”

I can’t be the only one who has struggled to find a storage container for awkwardly shaped leftover avocados. Fortunately, this set of two silicone Avocado Huggers makes it simple. Each set comes with a large and small version to fit tightly over avocados of different sizes. One reviewer summarized: “It fits great, is easy to use and easy to clean by hand. Love that it’s reusable.”

If you’re a fan of, you have to check out the book What If? by the comic’s creator, Randall Munroe. He uses his signature stick-figure style to explore a bunch of wild topics, including “What would happen if the Earth and all terrestrial objects suddenly stopped spinning, but the atmosphere retained its velocity?” You’ll have to read the book, which has more than 11,300 five-star ratings on Amazon, to find out.

With this wallet-sized steel multi-tool, you’ll have a tape measure, screwdriver, can opener, bottle opener, box opener, and set of hex wrenches with you wherever you go. One reviewer wrote, “I've been having this gadget for almost 4 years and it is incredible handy. I mainly use it to open boxes and it never failed me once, and even after heavy uses it only got some surface paint worn off. Definitely recommended.”

News flash: You don’t actually have to keep your partially finished puzzles out on your coffee or dining table for days on end. Instead, start building them on this jigsaw puzzle mat, which you can roll up at the end of every puzzling session. Plus, it comes with an inflatable insert that can help prevent the pieces from bending as you roll up the puzzle. One fan reflected, “Wish I got this sooner. I love puzzles but don’t have the room to leave them out all the time. This works really well.”

You’ve found the Loch Ness monster — and it’s right in your mug. This silicone infuser offers an easy way to steep loose-leaf tea. One reviewer wrote, “It’s cute, fun, and great for loose leaf tea!” Other users have commented on how Nessie’s long neck makes it easy to swirl the infuser around and take it out after a few minutes. Plus, it’s dishwasher-safe.

If you find weather patterns totally fascinating, this glass thermometer and barometer set should be up your alley. Despite its budget-friendly price, the thermometer indicates the temperature and the barometer globe can give you a sense of what kind of weather to expect on any given day. One reviewer attested, “This product is amazingly accurate! It’s vibrant colors are eye catching! Perfect for teens, adults and seniors. Easy to read!”

Whether or not you’re a big Star Wars buff, you can’t deny that these lightsaber-like chopsticks are incredibly cute. They’re made from BPA-free plastic and feature LED lights that run on replaceable camera batteries. Many reviewers have agreed that they make mealtimes more fun.

I know this might seem a teeny bit pricey for a mug, but hear me out: It has Mr. Rogers on it. Even better, it’s a color-changing mug — and when you fill it with a hot beverage, Mr. Rogers’s jacket transforms into a cardigan. I got this mug as a gift (thanks, mom!), and I’m obsessed with it. Give it to a loved one, or keep it for yourself and let it brighten your day one cup of coffee at a time.

This round flannel blanket boasts a whopping 37,000 ratings on Amazon so far. It comes in seven different designs, including ones inspired by tortillas, pizza, waffles, and pie. One fan raved: “Looks exactly like the picture! So soft and great gift! In fact I liked the gift so much I kept it and had to buy another one for my husband.” They added that it “doesn’t lint and shed everywhere” either.

These bear paw oven mitts are sure to give you a chuckle every time you need to pull something out of the oven. They’re made with cotton and silicone to keep your hands safe while you handle hot pots and pans. I used to have a similar pair, and using them always made botched recipes feel a little less tragic. One user of these particular oven mitts wrote, “My favorite oven mitts to have around. Adds an element of fun to cooking and very functional as well.”

With this riff on the classic board game, your next game of Risk could incorporate your Alexa device. One reviewer wrote, “I have always been a fan of the game of Risk. This edition provided multiple versions including playing through Alexa. It adds another dimension to the game.” In other words, Alexa is there to keep you on your toes.

If standard white bulbs aren’t cutting it, try these multicolor LED bulbs. Using the included remote, you can choose between 10 hues, seven brightnesses, and six modes (including flashing options) for each bulb. One reviewer explained, “I use these as accent lights in my cosplay photography and they work like a charm every time,” adding that they’re “super bright and I love how you can dim and brighten them.”

With more than 14,400 ratings on Amazon, you can be sure that this carbonated clay face mask has been put to the test. Not only is it formulated to help clear out clogged pores, but the bubbles make it more exciting than your everyday face mask. One fan described it as a “fun face mask to try out. It bubbles up quickly.” Another user wrote, “This is ridiculous amounts of fun, and it really works!! [...] Results in incredibly soft, even, smooth skin.”

Keep fidgety hands occupied with this adorable mug you can literally build on. The mug is made with food-grade plastic and includes some bricks to get you started — and you can use small LEGO with it, too. “This is perfect for any LEGO lover,” wrote one reviewer. Another fan attested that it’s “super fun for people of all ages.”

Start any day off right with this Star Wars waffle maker, which inspired one reviewer to write, “Awesome waffle maker. In love with the designs. Easy to clean and easy to use.” Another fan attested, “this waffle maker is extremely cool. The waffles come out perfectly crisp and brown, and the Star Wars patterns are really fun.” The nonstick waffle iron creates four waffles at a time, each with a different Star Wars-inspired image. And if you’re a big Yoda fan, consider snagging this super-adorable waffle maker.

If you enjoyed Schitt’s Creek as much as I did, you might think this Rose Apothecary T-shirt is super charming. It’s available in sleeveless, short-sleeve, and long-sleeve styles across 17 colors. “Fit was perfect!” according to one reviewer. “Love Schitts Creek and this was a great addition to my wardrobe!”

Upgrade your gaming setup with this keyboard and mouse set. They’re both colorfully backlit and responsive, and the keyboard is optimized for gaming with an ergonomic layout. A reviewer wrote, “It has a lot of colour, great for gaming. its a great mechanical keyboard.”

Upgrade cozy days at home with this hooded blanket sweatshirt, which is constructed from microfiber fleece and lined with a soft Sherpa material. It’s designed to be oversized for ultimate comfort, and it even features pockets to hold all your essentials. One reviewer put it simply: “Cozy, soft, and overall amazing. Like a warm hug.”

Mix cassette tapes may be a thing of the past, but this USB stick ensures that you can still easily share your favorite songs and files with your friends. The one-gigabyte flash drive tucks into a cassette-shaped holder, and includes space for you to make note of what’s saved on it.

If you like to color, Johanna Basford’s Secret Garden is a fantastic option to have on hand. I’ve seen a lot of coloring books up close in my time, and I personally like that this one has intricate designs that make it an adult coloring book — not simply a kids’ coloring book that adults can also use. Plus, the garden theme feels a little magical.

Looking to add some greenery to your home? This seed starter kit will have you growing succulents and cacti in no time. It comes with all the tools to get started, including pots, soil, shears, and plant markers. One fan summarized the thrill of growing your own plants: “it has been so much fun to watch them grow from seed. It takes time and patience (and heat and light) but it’s so rewarding to look at them and say ‘I GREW THAT!’”

If you’re nostalgic for old-school video games, check out this handheld UTTORA console. It comes preloaded with 400 different games, and it even comes with an additional controller so that you can play with a friend. At under $20, this rechargeable, travel-friendly gaming console is a steal. “Fun retro game,” wrote one reviewer. “Aaah, the memories.”

Add lighting wherever you need it with this LED strip light kit. It comes with 32.8 feet of lighting that you can cut down to the perfect size for your space, as well as a power adapter to plug them right in. You can set them to different colors and brightnesses with the remote, and the strips have adhesive to make them easy to install. One fan described, “Completely sets a mood in my room and makes my room look dope.”

If you love bread, these loaf-inspired slippers are a must. “They look good in real-life - hilarious!” wrote one reviewer. “Extremely warm, comfortable too.” They’re lined with cozy cotton fabric and have velvety uppers. Nonslip dots on the bottom help you keep your footing.

This magnetic wristband is kind of like a miniature tool belt. Just strap it to your wrist to keep screws, nails, bolts, drill bits, and other metal tools at hand (literally). A reviewer who gave it a five-star rating described it as “definitely a must have for DIY folks.”

Not only is this LED night light incredibly adorable, but it’s also really practical. It’s battery-powered, portable, and touch sensitive. Plus, it can light up in seven different colors, and it has a setting where it cycles through them all. One fan wrote, “This little light is so cute! Has 3 modes: solid white, color changing, or solid color (tap while in color changin mode to stop it on any of the colors). Super soft and easy to use.”

Recreate the magic of shopping for new school supplies with this zippered pen case, which comes in nine colors. It has an extra zipper that you can unzip to increase its capacity, similar to travel luggage, and it can hold up to 90 pencils at a time when it’s fully expanded. An interior mesh compartment and flap divider help you keep things organized. Alternatively, you can use it for toiletries, make up, and more. With more than 14,700 Amazon ratings, it’s a tried-and-true choice.

How cute is this set of coasters that look like miniature records? So cute. They feature rubber grips on the bottom to keep them in place, and they even come with a holder that’s shaped like a miniature record player. “Very trendy and cute,” wrote one reviewer. “They also stay in place.”

There’s no need to crane your neck when you’re reading in bed if you have these vinmax prism spectacles on hand. They essentially reflect what’s in front of you at a 90-degree angle, so you can comfortably lie on your back and still read an upright book. Reviewers have also reported that they fit comfortably over prescription glasses.

Clip-on book lights are great, but this neck reading light is a better fit if you need a light for other activities, such as crocheting or navigating in the dark while camping. It offers three brightness settings and can last as long as 40 hours before it needs to be recharged with the accompanying micro-USB charging cord. One reviewer described, “I love this useful light! Goes with you everywhere you need it, bright, and adjustable.”

If you’re a big reader, you’ve awkwardly attempted to hold a too-large book with one hand — and failed. This walnut book page holder actually widens your grip on the book and keeps it splayed open. One reviewer raved, “thank you so much for relieving my thumb pain finally! the product fits perfectly and is really well-made.”

I was a big bookworm as a kid, but I somehow never started reading the Anne of Green Gables series until I was an adult. Now I can confidently say: It lives up to the hype. This box set includes all eight books in the classic series. “I was looking for nostalgia and found it,” commented one reviewer.

Separating egg whites from yolks isn’t always the most exciting task, but The Paragon’s Mr. Sneezy might make it a little more fun. It’s totally gross, but that’s the point. “Don't knock it till you try it!” wrote one review, adding, “[...] It's actually cute and does the job well of separating the egg.”

Keep your AirPods safe, protected, and in one place using this ice cream-shaped case. It comes in four different colors — all with fake sprinkles — including this purple pastel version. Plus, it’s compatible with wireless chargers. Dozens of reviewers have described it as “cute,” and I’d have to agree.

I’m a fan of a niche kitchen tool (looking at you, retro-looking milkshake mixer), and I can’t stop thinking about this s’mores maker. One reviewer summarized, “This thing roasts PERFECT marshmallows. Crispy brown on the outside, perfectly gooey on the inside. We may never roast marshmallows on the fire. It’s THAT good.” Another raved, “We made smores on the kitchen table when it was pouring down rain! It was perfect.”

If you or any of your friends love penning puns, the Punderdome game is a must-have. I’ve had tons of fun coming up with puns and competing against other players — and this game is a good reminder of just how challenging (in a good way) writing puns can be. Plus, it comes in a tiny package, so it’s really easy to store.

But I must warn you: This game might just end in a heated discussion of what exactly constitutes a pun.

Reviewers have reported that this glass spray bottle looks old-fashioned in real life but useful for misting plants. It comes in this transparent version, plus four tinted glass ones. One user remarked that it “looks better than a regular plastic misting spray bottle.”

Available in five sizes ranging from 4.8 to 7 inches in diameter, this rechargeable moon lamp is a great fit for anyone who’s interested in space. It has a textured surface that mimics the moon, is remote control-operated, and can light up in 16 different colors. “Its soft light makes it look like the real moon,” wrote one reviewer who added, “the remote controller enables detailed selections of color, and the timer function helps save the battery

This ceramic ocarina isn’t just beautiful to look at, it’s also totally functional, according to reviewers. The Triforce-shaped instrument includes a book of Zelda songs to get you started — and impress your gamer friends. One five-star review reads: “This is a super nice product and it plays well too. 10/10 would recommend.”