30 Annoying Problems Your Pets Are Causing That Are Actually Easy To Fix

Your pets are like family, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be annoying sometimes. No matter how much I adore my little dog, that doesn’t stop him from getting dirt all over the car whenever we go to the beach — nor does it keep him from messing up my living room rug whenever he gets the zoomies. Thankfully, there are tons of helpful pet products out there that help solve even the most annoying of pet problems.

While I’m sure your pet is as perfect as can be, there’s no harm in putting down this seat cover whenever they join you for a ride in the car. And as for those zoomies I mentioned, I’ve also made sure to include some double-sided tape you can use to secure your rugs down flat — and that’s just a taste of what you’ll find below. Make sure to keep scrolling for more helpful pet products.

Unlike lint rollers that rely on sticky sheets, this pet hair remover uses hundreds of tiny bristles that latch onto stray hairs so that they easily pull away from your furniture, curtains, and more. And since there are no sticky sheets to replace, you can clean and reuse the bristles as many times as you like.

Sometimes it takes a tougher odor eliminator to get rid of those persistent pet smells. This one, in particular, is specially formulated for pets, as its potent citrus scent leaves your home smelling refreshed and clean. Plus, it’s even so effective that you can use it on stubborn odors created by cat urine.

Can’t figure out where that funky pet odor is coming from? Shine this UV flashlight around — it’ll illuminate any dry, hidden stains that aren’t visible to the naked eye. You can also bring it with you on vacation to check that your hotel sheets have actually been cleaned, and it only requires one AA battery (which is not included) to operate.

No matter how well I wash my dog down, he still tracks sand from the beach into my car — that’s why I have this cover over the backseat. The waterproof Oxford fabric keeps the sand from working its way into the upholstery, making it easy to shake out once we’ve gotten home. Choose from three colors: black, pink, or blue.

Looking for an easy way to keep your cats from wrecking your furniture? Search no further than this protective shield. The smooth surface deters claw marks, nor will it latch onto any bits of dust or stray hair that float its way. Each order includes pins to secure it into place.

Even the most careful pets can still wreak havoc on your furniture — so grab this pet bed for them to relax in. The raised sides help keep their neck supported if they stretch out, while the shaggy faux fur exterior is oh-so snuggle-worthy. Choose from four colors: grey, beige, pink, or dark grey.

Even if your dog is a heavy chewer, these rope toys are likely tough enough to handle it — or at least last longer than soft plushies. Each order comes with seven toys, as well as a convenient drawstring bag for storage. One reviewer also wrote, “They are so durable that I am actually able to exchange them out with other ones from the pack after about a week so that my dog is constantly excited by a rotating array of ‘new toys’.”

If your pet doesn’t enjoy being brushed, they might not mind these grooming gloves. The soft silicone bristles latch onto loose tufts of hair, pulling them away without any pain. Plus, they’re even suitable for use on all types of fur — regardless of how long or short it is.

It’s almost too easy for hungry pets to spill kibble all over your floors — that’s why this dog bowl set is a game-changer. Not only does it come with a skid-resistant silicone mat, but the mat also features raised edges to help keep kibble from spreading everywhere. And since the bowls are made from stainless steel, they’re less likely to rust over time.

It’s unlikely that your pet will ever stop shedding, so why not grab all that loose hair before it has the chance to hit your floors? This slicker brush can be used on all sorts of pets, as its gentle wire bristles dig deep into thick coats of fur. Once you’re done brushing them down, simply press the button on the handle to dispose of all that collected hair into the trash.

Speaking from personal experience, using an old cotton towel to wipe your pet down after a bath does an okay job at drying them off. But if you want to give them a more thorough dry? Use this microfiber towel. It absorbs more water than cotton and dries faster. Plus, its extra-large size makes it suitable for bigger pets.

Whether your cat or dog is on the move, one stray paw can send your rugs sliding across the floor — so grab this double-sided tape. It’ll help keep your rugs from shifting out of place when your pets get the zoomies, and the adhesion is strong enough to work with nearly any rug.

Once your cat steps out of the litter box and onto this mat, its grippy surface will latch onto any loose pieces of litter so that they don’t wind up scattered across your floors. And when it’s time to clean up? All that gathered litter easily falls off with a few gentle shakes over the trash can.

If your cat has a habit of kicking litter out of the box, this pan will help keep it contained all in one spot. The sloped sides make it easy to clean out with a scooper, while the extra rim around the edges helps keep high-flying bits of litter from escaping onto your floors.

If your cats decide to start scratching up your walls now that your couch is protected, this shield can help save you some stress. The transparent plastic is hardly noticeable, yet still protects your walls from pet damage. Plus, you can even trim it to fit tighter spaces.

It only takes a little water for this paw washer to get your pet’s feet mud-free, yet it’ll save you tons of frustration since you no longer need to break out a mop every time it’s wet outside. The silicone bristles on the inside are gentle against skin, and many reviewers appreciated how it’s “easy to use.”

If you know you’re going to be running late, you can set this automatic pet feeder on a schedule to help make sure that your pet gets fed on time. It’s compatible with dry or semi-moist food and can hold up to 3 cups of food at a time. Plus, the tamper-resistant lid keeps the food out of reach until dinner.

If your dog is smart enough to wiggle out of their harness, you might want to invest in an escape-proof harness like this one. Multiple straps help keep your dog locked in, and there’s also a handle on the back so that you can quickly grab them as needed. Plus, the reflective straps help keep them visible at night.

Cats and dogs can be clumsy, knocking into shelves when you least expect it — so grab this putty. It’ll hold onto each item to help prevent it from breaking (should your pet bump into it), and it’s suitable for use on nearly any surface. You can also peel it off without any damage.

Even if your pet doesn’t tend to spill water on the floor, you might still want to upgrade to this spill-proof water bowl. The edge strip and floating disc help keep water from flowing over the sides, while a carbon filter helps ensure that your pet is drinking the cleanest water possible. Plus, there are also nonslip feet on the bottom to keep it in place.

I might love my little dog, but having him jump into my lap while I’m driving is less than ideal — and that’s why I just added this barrier to my cart. The mesh allows your dog to see where you are, yet keeps them from climbing forward. Plus, since it’s stretchy, it should work with nearly any vehicle.

Want your pet to snuggle with you, but also prefer to keep your sheets extra clean? This pet blanket is the compromise you’ve been looking for. The waterproof fabric protects your sheets from accidents, yet is still soft enough that your pet will be happy to lay on it. Plus, it comes in more than 15 reversible colors to match any bedspread.

If that last pet blanket didn’t strike your fancy, this one has a fluffier texture that your pet is sure to love — and its waterproof layer will help prevent accidents from leaking onto your sheets. It also works great as a seat protector in the car. One reviewer wrote, “Soft, luscious and such a great size! I mean, it’s so soft! I’ve tested it with a small amount of water, let it sit for about a minute and no seepage to the other side.”

Made from 100% natural sisal hemp, this scratching post is a must-have if your cat enjoys being destructive. And if they’re already a perfect little angel? They’ll still enjoy batting at the little pom-poms on the tower and base. Choose from three colors: navy, grey, or beige.

With airtight lids that’ll keep prying noses out, these containers are a great way to make sure your pets don’t get into their food when you aren’t looking. Each order also comes with a scoop that can hold up to 2 cups of food — and many reviewers appreciated how it “keeps food fresh.”

These childproof stove knobs can help prevent your curious dog from accidentally turning one of the burners on. The hinged lids on the front make it easy for you to turn your stove on without removing the covers — and since they’re heat-resistant, there’s very little chance of them melting.

If your cat likes to dig into your flower pots from time to time, this pot grid can help keep the soil in place. The grid design allows water to flow through, yet won’t give easy access to the dirt unless removed. Plus, you can trim it to fit smaller pots as needed.

Are pets always digging up your garden? You can keep them out by putting this decorative fence around the perimeter. It’s made from tough iron that’s been powder-coated for a rust-resistant finish, and you can even connect multiple sets together to cover larger areas. The best part? No tools are needed for installation.

Not only are these air purifying bags subtle, but each one is also filled with activated bamboo charcoal that absorbs unwanted odors as they pass through. And if they ever lose their deodorizing abilities, simply leave them out in direct sunlight for an hour to give them a quick refresh.

As long as you keep your shoes inside of this organizer, your dog won’t be able to chew them up, as the clear pockets keep them protected from curious mouths. And with 24 pockets in total, there’s more than enough room for nearly every pair of shoes in your home.